[talunio] banned by [hollandaise]

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
5 days
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Onehumaned the AI as captain, left before I could bwoink so feel free to appeal on the forums.
Appeal Reason:
I do not belive i have done anything malcious. AI was put on a one human lawset and immediately told to treat all crew members as human unless told otherwise as a quick solution to it intepreting its previous lawsets (reasonably so with crewsimov, perhaps slightly less so with palladin) in a way which made it actively protect a known heretic and hinder efforts of security.

OK but why did you disconnect as a captain without notifying an admin? (im assuming)

My internet went off. I belive this is completly irrelevant thought as it happend like one minute before the shuttle arrived

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I don’t think it was JUST for disconnecting and giving the AI one human.
The round in question, you were probably the worst captain i’ve ever seen, giving an assistant semi-aa and full sec gear twice in a row. (the same dude too).
I was AFK most of the round, but from what i saw in dchat, you made alotta bad calls as captain. @RDS88 might have more info, idk

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You can’t one human AI as captain its self antag.

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I cant help but agree that my decision was not great(in hindsight perhaps i should have removed person in question from manifest instead) however in the context of very obstructive AI i do not belive it justifies a ban

The ai wasn’t being obstructive, it was protecting a innocent botanist heretic who had done literally nothing but claim a pierced reality in chem. For context, the Ai was on Paladin. You, for whatever reason, decided to validhunt this heretic, along with the HOS, chasing them through space, and murdering multiple borgs for following their laws. If you wanted to murder the botanist, change the ai to crewsimov, and remove them from the manifest.

Yeah this was only a ban because I couldn’t bwoink to tell you not to onehuman, in the future when you want the AI to stop protecting someone who you need to arrest/execute, give them an anti antag law, or remove from manifest.

I’ll turn the ban into a note saying you’ve been told not to onehuman as cap.