Talunio and Unknown Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: techtrogs

Your Discord: zoeyg

Offender’s CKEY: Talunio I believe (they chatted in occ after the round) and Unknown. I don’t know how to find this.

Offender’s In-Game Name: Solomon Thornwell and Johnny Cutter

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 1/1/22

Round Number: 35110

Rules Broken: 8, 13

Incident Description:

I was the original QM (someone took the role over later and was apparently a traitor) and had the blood of a dead miner to revive. People are fighting blob in science maintenance, so I get AI to let me into botany to pod them.

As I’m working on the miner, Solomon Thornwell and Johnny Cutter come up and tell me my “suit looks dirty” and try to sell me another. I ignore them because I’m busy, so they splash acid on me, ruining most of my in game equipment. I fight them a little with a screwdriver and they gas me with a rag “nighty night”.

I end up at medbay and get woken up, go back to find out all my useful not-melted gear is gone and my ID stolen. Go to security, security is useless, so I cryo out.

The two were blood brothers, however I was not their target and the miner was not their target. No one could reasonable make the argument I was going to make them in any way. They additionally did this to multiple other people, including an SSD player. They were planning it over blood brother comms and made zero attempts that I saw to achieve their actual objectives (their engineer target died but I never saw them actually attempt to do it, no attempt to get the AI). They just used their “blood brother” status as a license to grief.

Additional Information:

Apparently they also did this to Chad Jackson (I’m watching him naked and gloating at them outside brig, they got arrested), Modifies-The-Station (they were SSD when it happened the first time, and it happened again at departures), Jebediah Adelstein (in medbay lobby, wordlessly from what I saw, and again later in maints in the middle of a fight with sec, again wordlessly), and potentially other people as well (some sec and command but they were antags so I’m not including them).

If this is acceptable, that’s fine. But next time I’m blood brother I’m going to put random crews eyes out with a screwdriver. Then sell them new eyes.

Sounds like a great rp idea ngl

If this is fine I’ll run with it. I can think of several meme round ideas. But it was incredibly unfun to be on the receiving end of which is why I’d like a ruling.

I do think fucking with the SSD player was pretty gross though.


To be fair, they were an antagonists. Ones that:

  1. Didn’t round remove you
  2. had ic reasoning and roleplay reasoning to target you (you ignored their suit merchandise)
  3. activately antagonized crew in a fun creative way regardless of greentexting and spending 20 minutes in jail. (security actually arrested them for 20 minutes)

antagonist doesnt mean just that you will kill only your targets but also that you will impose the threat upon crew that they have to deal with. and the threat doesnt always mean you have to kill.

To be fair this was an interesting round, for sure made everything spicy. And if this isn’t allowed then i surrender and i dont know what counts as fun and “making round interesting” as an antag.

This game is all about loosing, sometimes you just have to accept the bad that game throws at you.
And its usually unfun when you die.

Antagonists get a pass to interact with SSD players.

That I wasn’t aware of. shrug Works for me then.

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I’ve seen Solomon doing this acid gimmick on three rounds already… I believe this might go beyond what Naevi says, specially considering their record.

And i thought the pass the antagonist get for SSD players depended if they were their objective

I can confirm i seen it recently again (yesterday, didnt save the round number) but basically he was changeling this time around with acid ability.

While it is getting stale as a gimmics its one of the abilities changelings can use so i am unsure it counts here as a gimmick.

so close it since its not really a rule break just antags being weird or what?
really its been a long time.

Regardless of my personal feelings towards Talunio’s previous antagonist conduct, this report isn’t really actionable beyond what Naevi has already said.

Yea aight
So uh
They didnt even kill their victims
Just sleepy em, and try to pull a classic scam/grift on em.

Going out of your way to antagonize specific people for no reason is shitty
Killing people for no reason (no even “i wanted acces from id”) is also bad
They didnt do either of those things as far as i can tell

Pulling the same gimick more than a few times is pretty boring, but still
this is pretty much fine. Honestly, considering they didnt even kill the refusers, i’d go as far as to say this is pretty good antag playing, as it induces interesting RP opportunitys and such without needlessly removing anyone.