TALLZOMBIE12345 player report

CKEY: joelogbybolb

Offender’s CKEY: TALLZOMBIE12345

Offender’s In-Game Name: Healium

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6-6-2023

Round Number: 44363

Rules Broken: No powergaming, no validhunting

Incident Description: I went to kill my target in medbay, since they had a laser gun previously (distributed by traitor QM to mess with sec) and had shot at me (that’s powergaming too but I can’t bother with writing a report), so I ambushed them in front of Healium and the CMO, and I killed them. Healium and the CMO started obviously going at me, so I ran away. Problem is, Healium had a nightmare armblade, so when I jaunted away they pursued me and bashed my head in to death. This effectively round removed me because for some reason aristocrat’s way doesn’t heal oxyloss, so i was perma oxylossed and passed out for the rest of the round.

Additional Information: Healium apologized on the Discord

I was your target, I had the laser gun because
1:the only officer was kidnaped by the brig phys (and brainwash them, I only learned later they were brainwashed after) the same officer took the role of a recurring villain who would come out of maint, flash you and cuff you, he also had an evil sidekick monkey he used to throw at people
2: the brig phys kidnaped the warden and brainwashed them, I saw how the warden was dragged away and heard him screaming over radio all the time,
3: the brig phys brainwashed the cmo
4: there were reports of ego going around kidnaping people and reports of brig phys kidnaping people
5: there was a nightmare that was killed, had their organs stolen then revived who went back at doing antagy shit, I wasnt around to see but sure as hell my character was scared as hell coming to the conclusion everyone wanted to kill them
6: an hos joined the shift and was brutally executed right in front of my eyes
7: I was being gaslighted by the brig phys into thinking that everything was fine not helping with the paranoia
8: all sec were dead
9: helium the guy who saved me and valided you ate a heart in front of my eyes and grew and disgusting shadow armblade.
I dont remember when I got the laser gun between the events.

Now about me shooting you once, my character was already jumpy with all the killing and how fucked up the station is, you kept chasing me, going closer and closer to me and not giving me enough space for my character to feel safe, I even aimed the gun at you and you kept chasing me like an sane person chasing a crazed crewmember with a gun really not helping your case, that you did not want to kill me, I shot once and you used supernatural abilities, my aim was to run away from the crazy psycho and not whacking le valid.

I was just justifying why I ambushed you in medbay but your justifications seem fair for the gun having

we will let the admin decide if it was or was not, I also edited my post

Oh hey, I was the cmo that shot at this guy. What they didn’t specify is that I was using disabler rounds on them upon seeing them absolutely murder someone in medbay. I’d just like it to be clear that I never used anything lethal upon going at them, and I tried to involve myself as little as possible besides disabling them and taking them to security. I never got this chance because Healium ended up killing them.

As a non-antag Psychiatrist you should not be creating grenades, doing surgical proceedures, or getting and using a nightmares armblade.

Report Processed