Tallfission banend by Doktorwueue

CKEY: Tallfission

Admin’s CKEY: Doktorwueue

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both/all

Ban Type: all servers(?)

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07/18/2021

Round ID:31424

Ban Reason: possible griefer. as a new account picked scientist and tried to make a maxcap immediately. goodbye.

Appeal Reason: I havent ever played on bee, i just tried to join because i was browsing a bunch of servers and found out that I was banned. the only reason I can see this existing is if someone got into my account. I dont know how to make a maxcap either, last time I tried was on fulp and I blew up science. I did use the same password for an older account on a forum that suffered a data breach, that might be a way someone could get into my account.

Additional Information: i dont know how to make maxcaps

Considering we have a connection from you and banned you, you definitely have played here.Will need to see the logs of exactly what happened though, because this sounds like a premature ban.

Being suspicious of someone that runs to toxins on first connection is normal, but not immediately banning them for it. Especially not when the account in question is clearly not a throwaway

Logs show you running straight to science (which makes sense, being a scientist), shoving and picking fights with everyone in sight, then heading into toxins, resulting in a plasma leak.

That said, several servers have spoken up to say you have not caused any major problems in the time you’ve been there, so I’m reducing this to a standard ban.

Dont run around picking fights with people for no reason and dont be afraid to ask for help when working on things you may not understand. There’s definitely enough here to justify the assumption of griefer.