Taiwan Fermose Republic of China Player Report

  CKEY: platinumninja

   Your Discord: leestriter

   Offender’s CKEY: Not sure

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Taiwan Fermose Republic of China

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09/09/2020

   Round Number: Not sure, it was the last LRP round

   Rules Broken: Rule 2

   Incident Description: Repeatedly saying things about muslims,that they all have child brides and being terrorists, calling the monkeys black lives matter supporters who have to be lynched, harrassing the nonhumans on shift (lubbing my office, shooting me with disabler, walling me into virology). I like a little dark humor but its non stop with this guy. Admin online said nothing could be done. Bypassed filter to say ■■■■■■. I've already been harrassed for saying something on discord, having had slurs sent to my private account by members

also told new players going out into the rad storm would buff them

But actually what the fuck is this kind of 12 year old edgelordery, nobody cares about this shit, its spessman game. He should definetly get a ban, he is breaking the “dont be a dick” rule.


bruh, Wasnt even that bad. Literally some dude put in coms the n word and shlt and your talking about this .


I’m not sure what you are trying to say.

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So the virology gets a shitton of virus samples and is extra suspicious and gets walled in by some Guy on the door and i welded a door inside viro, as long as i know dísabling someone without doing anything else to them is NOT something to cry about here, also confirming that a specific group does practice child marriage when its a fact they do is not something to start pointing fingers at the Guy Who speaks Up about It. Satire is a way of acknowloging whats wrong with the world.


What i’m tryna say is that from what is see you kinda overextented what he said.

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walk me throught what i bypassed the filter to say

you buy 123123 boxes of virus samples then i have an eye on you


exaggerated, someone asked for shit to sacrifice in office i brought monkes and made a joke about it because round was as boring as it could be

i NEVER said they ALL do, you are exagerating AGAIN

I think you are just a salty boi who got mad at me for not letting you fuck up the station with shitty viruses, and this is just a rant EXAGERATING everything you can say to try and get me.


rip bigman gone but not forgotten always in our hearts

Honestly I dont care about the stuff that happened to me, but I’m tired of the nonstop racism and xenophobia. There are no exaggerations here they can read the log. Otherwise, I dont have to justify myself to you, this is for the admins. They can check and see I made a healing virus. And no one else was using funds, buying a virus crate doesnt mean you can lock me away and harass me on no evidence.

it’s not satire and it’s not that hard to tell that it isn’t

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You need to double check this, note that the server time is set to UTC/GMT.
The player was not present on the last LRP round on this date, and in the second-to-last round they said nothing as described in the report.

EDIT: not in the third-to-last round either, and I’m not gonna keep checking every single round unless you can be more specific.

The round ended around 240 GMT. I left cause the admin online said trolling and racism werent bannable offenses and learned when I contacted higher ups that it actually is.

He basically admits to saying it in his above post,but says it isnt a big deal and that he was bored

By 940 you mean early in morning or in the afternoon? I’m a bit too tired to look for a needle in a haystack right now, but I’ll give it another go after a good nights sleep.

Sorry I did my time zone conversion wrong. I fixed it above

240 pm in server time, approximately.l, cause that’s when I messaged other admins, so somewhere within 30 minutes of that

The server may have crashed for a bit, when I went to find ot for this post I didnt see it for a bit, but I could have overlooked it. Dont know of that makes a difference. Perishedfraud was admin at the time of you need to check with him, though he said that it wasnt against the rules. I’ve already been sent the n word to my private discord by beestation members after making this report and saying bigotry should be against the rules on discord general chat, and this is gonna be my last time on beestation seeing as how half the community has taken Taiwan’s side on this.



Based bloons with the assist.