[Szczebrzeszyn & RandyJenkins] Abductors Player Report

CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Szczebrzeszyn And RandyJenkins

Offender’s In-Game Name: Abductor Scientist & Agent

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-08-03

Round Number: 45198

Rules Broken: 1

Incident Description:

Abductors go around doing abductor shit, classic, main point being: With their AA they walked into Bridge Cockpit, welded it and antagonized the area, when we finally broke in it was a chaos of stuns, sleeps, flashbangs, the HoS that was brainwashed to serve them (imo lame but whatever), ectecetera

Now i ask… What was the main reason for the Abductors to do this?

Taken from Wiki:

‘‘Abductors are technologically advanced alien society set on cataloging all species in the system.’’
‘’ Duties: Kidnap people, stuff them with organs of dubious origin ‘’
‘’ Goals

Your overall objective is to kidnap and experiment on given number of station inhabitants and acquire the designated number of experimentation points.‘’

And so on… Basically, they didn’t really have an IC reason to beam down, expose themselves (they were not even wearing their disguise), walk into the bridge of the shuttle, weld it and then cause chaos from there, specially because they both know they can easily escape with two buttons. I see no reason for a highly advanced and intelligent race to risk themselves and ‘‘mess around’’ like Clowns.

Additional Information:

These were all the brainwash they did, it also adds up on the type of ‘‘gimmicks’’ they were trying to put.

I was the one with the 5th objective, there was literally 0 RP to be had with some of those brainwash objectives as well to the point that the old rng abductor objective would’ve worked better.

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Hey, Abductor Scientist here. What we wanted to do was basically to create a first contact scene and try to talk but it ended up being too chaotic. It was not my first time doing this and I was confident it would click. It didnt. Im sorry, I will show more restraint when doing more open interactions like this in the future.


Alrighty, apologies for the big delay in resolving this report.

Overall after looking at the logs I reached the conclusion that both abductors went a bit too far overall. As an abductor, the station is your “zoo”. You should try to avoid heavy interactions or pretty much anything that influences the flow of the round in a major way.

From what I could tell here, that definitely wasn’t the case and the abductor team pretty much caused a huge amount of chaos. Teleporting into the shuttle bridge, shocking the doors etc is too much.

Report accepted