Syrox01/Sunburnt feedback

MD main although I typically late join fill any roles that are needed too.
Used to play mostly on Sage but moved to Golden as of late due to… unsavory naming guidelines.

Wondering if I do stuff that annoys people or anything along that line.
Alt names: Norman Green (Human)/ Green Normanson (slime)


Nice moff


kept repairing the greytide route into science, man you gotta let the crew come in and get their bags of holding/pai’s/tools/whatever

i open the window and you remove the walls for anyone to rush me, I was basically alone in sci… someone was deleting all the doors too, I get it, i need in sometimes myself too but… it went a little far

Very good moffe, don’t have much else to say

Good moff, haven’t seen you in a month or something. +1 useless rep

Bumping due to my (glorious) return to Sage.
Made some friends.
Made some story.
Made a new silicon name (S.U.N)

Just wondering if there’s anything I need to work on.

While this is more a community feedback, you’re the only" revolutionary" type player trying to force change and stick it to “The Man” I’ve ever been fond of.

You’re amicable even during disagreements and I really appreciate that in anyone.

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Your effort into getting the ridiculous moth name guideline changed was admirable. i’m only ever able to argue about things on the forums when i’m under the influence, so you pushing for that consistently was impressive to me.

I’ve interacted with you in game a decent bit cause you’re a friend of a friend. I’ve enjoyed our interactions, few that they are.

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Very friendly moth, kinda like Kiera but moth.