Synth Idea/Suggestion Thread

So I kinda accidentally became the synth designer. All info in this thread is as of open PRs, I am not a maintainer and do not have express permission to change whatever I want.

This is a thread to suggest changes or additions with a vision in mind. Remember: this is basically an admin bus species, with basic synth only being able to be obtained via mirror.

Current Synth Abilities/Traits:

  • On species gain, your previous species appearance is applied. The disguise never breaks, but as you take damage you gain metallic bits on your sprite.

  • Synths are considered robotic and cannot be zombified or husked.

  • Synths have the following traits: Revives By Healing (IPC), No Dismember, No Limb Disable, No Hunger, No Breath, Tox Immune

  • Synths cannot process any chemical besides Synthflesh, which heals them.

Military Synths have everything Synths have, with the following additions:

  • 25 inmate armor

  • 14 punch damage (remember, Stamina damage for punches is 1.5x the damage, so 21 stam damage)

  • No Stam Crit, Strong Grabber


This sounds pretty cool!

Oh, I remember this!

As far as I know it has been admin-only for quite a while.

What is the plan for re-implementation?
Is it just another thing I can roll the d20 in a prayer for?

Dont let Ruko know this race exists…isnt all this already implemented though? All this info is already on the wiki for Synths. Unless it is changing?

Open PRs. On the live build of the game half this shit doesn’t exist

Thats really weird considering this stuff has been on the wiki for years to my knowledge. But whatever.

I had to pull up info on the race after a hardcore validhunter got synth from a floorpill. I created a revenant in the round as a sort of divine retribution (EMP hurts them just like IPC)

…you can get Synth from a floorpill?


Just like you can get Xeno, morph and even Adminordrazine.

Can it turn you into the Juggernaught?

No, there’s not a Chem for juggernaut transformation. There is for synth.