Syndicate pAI

Syndicate pAI

To: Syndicate R&D


I dislike religious and spiritual aspect of this game. We Syndicates got filthy options such as praying, cult starter kit, holoparasite (I think so!), and probably more stuff in some dark dusty corner. I want more mechanical options! Don’t remind me of the AI and Cyborgs. Sure, we can hack them and such, but that’s not out of our Superior Syndicate merchandise!


We need something new! We need a… Syndicate™ personal Artificial Intelligence! A pAI capable of assisting our infiltration and objectives by providing real time information. Unless the Syndicate managed to upload their entire library to NTs servers, I doubt the connection would be ideal, it’d probably take twice as long to download stuff, if not more! I suspect these pAIs would have a lot more storage, but also that the programs would take much, much more room.

I got the question from one of the R&D staff on how much TC this would cost and… I don’t know! I’m not the Syndicate Scientist here! You tell me. A coworker said they’d expect it to cost 6 TC. Is that good enough?


Scrubber and Ventilation crawling

With their tiny size they can easily crawl through scrubbers and ventilation.

Syndicate Communication

We could give them a Syndicate radio key before they’re teleported into our hands! That way, we can easily communicate with them if needed.

Thermal Eyes

Man, imagine if it had thermal eyes too! Maybe X-ray eyes, though I don’t think we have the budget for that. Either way, that’d work great with its ability to crawl through station scrubbers and ventilation ducts!

Door Hacker

Y’know, the regular pAI has some shitty door hacking program. I bet we could fit in a better one.

What if it could carry… vending machines?

Please don’t assassinate me.


NTs holograms SUCK! Let’s make our RED!! Maybe rainbow coloured too, that’d be neat. Maybe even allow it to mimic other objects! That way it’d be able to blend in (or get you a second Queen in Chess when they aren’t looking). Perhaps allow a bunch of plushies to be available to render themselves as! AND! AND! Their host. Based on their DNA print. Let’s just render them entirely. Maybe add in a fail safe code in case they try to impersonate you…


I’d expect R&D to work their asses of with this one. But what if, we could attach a tube, some other stuff, and a holder for a beaker to allow us to make a flam- I mean a cool space cleaner spray!

APC override

I bet we can steal some of that fancy AI stuff and shove it into whatever space there is left of the stuffed pAI to allow it to override APCs remotely! Perhaps even front the scrubber and ventilation system!!


I know the Gods have some fancy technology. Let’s see if Syndicate R&D can get some of their powers to display the metaphysical connection to the person of interest. Let’s get their IP!

Message Hack

Didn’t our Comms Agent have some fancy message impersonation thing? Could we get the program for that for the pAI maybe? I’d love to tell the chemist to leave a lube grenade unsupervised in dorms as the Captain!


Personal AI but Syndicate upgraded! Some cool stuff to help you or simply a buddy to keep your company. :3


Added flamethrower idea.
Added APC override idea.
Added Message hack idea.
Expanded the hologram idea.


Wowee that’s a lot of stuff that it gets for free. What’s the proposed TC cost?

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So they would basically be a scout and door opener, like the idea. Maybe 6 tc would be good? (Assuming opening a door takes a few seconds)
ould also maybe give them the option to pick up small/medium items for an additional cost, finally you can play fetch with your pet.

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Somewhere between 0 and 9001. No idea, it’d be an upgraded pAI to talk to with a regular pAI storage limit, so you can’t take EVERYTHING. No idea exactly about balance, just figured it’d be a cool mechanical option which doesn’t include converting the AI. xd

Let’s add a mini-flamethrower to it too because why not? Your very own and personal cigarette lighter. lol

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Edited in some more ideas.

I particularly like the idea that it has a built in syndie radio.

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Holoparasite holograms? Fake holopara! Let’s go!

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