Syndicate Incursion Team Feedback

Thread for SIT feedback.

It’s what BBs would have dreamed to be.

It’s ok. Haven’t seen anything too wrong with it, but it’s nothing special. Yet another traitor variant.

It should replace BB tbh. BB is terrible in practice.


I don’t like it, it’s just much stronger Traitor.
The thing about BB was that instead of 20TC, you had a random guy with you. It’s like getting a holopara, you could either get somebody like Tian or somebody new to the game. This element still exists in BB with 20 TC, so it’s still the same.

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They only get 15tc and have certain items restricted after nerf. Also their kill targets outside of heads will always be traitors too that know they are coming.
My problem with it is that it is a little too chaotic since ai subversion happen a lot and get pretty messy

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Still feels like it’s the same; and in a nutshell, much stronger Traitor.

Having them hunt other traitors is good idea.

Still puts BBs to shame. In BB, you have 2 people to hijack the shuttle and 0 TC. In SIT, you have 4 people with 15TC ea.

I think the main problem with SIT is the comms implant. The comms implant alone is a very powerful tool and makes things way too easy. It allows for easy coordination and gives you a undetectable means to communicate with your fellow traitors. I would price it at 10TC, even 12TCs, making SITs effectively have more than 25TC worth of equipment.

A good idea is to give BBs the TC uplink, and give SIT no TC, but retain the comms implant.

The ai subversion thing is really easy to do. Tide into science (that’s literally one window and probably a heroic grey has already done this to setup a maints meth lab) >> print upload, purge and freeform >> ai is on your side. It has nothing to do with SIT. Perhaps make ai modules only printable on sec lathes?

point and laugh its 2 tc or 4tc in uplink depending on if you want key or implant

My bad, but my point is, SIT could very easily attain their objectives with just radio implant.

fun fact… BBs allmost never use custom radio frequencies for whatever reason. while the syndicate radio is useful to know what people are communicating its not necessary. Just agree on a freq to use and carry a station bounced radio.

Radio (in your left hand)
Radio (in your right hand)

Thats how you do it? I never could figure it out. Why give the option to change frequency on the headset if that shit doesnt even work?

bb is TRASH!! but having a traitor game mode where u can’t buy gear is… important

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it allowed you to listen but really no way to speak into it unless you enable mic… which you should probably not do in order to avoid spamming the channel with stuff. simpler to just have a bounced radio in the event tcomms go down aswell.

A nice idea/group objective for SIT would be to rescue a perma prisoner. Prisoner roundstart with 0 TC in perma, and 4 SIT have to bust them out.


Basically ape escape traitor objective from goon, epic