Syndicate Group Tour

I tried doing a small tour group gimmick as traitor, it got cut short by a shuttle call by AI. It was fun while it lasted, did the most I could with the TC I had!


Whoever is Eats-The-Sheets (scientist) & Miriam Harshman (VIP) are C!key wise enjoyed the tour! Lowwy said he was going to join but he was unresponsive when I tried calling!

Might do this again next time I’m traitor so that I can do a proper full tour!

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I’ve wanted to offer Exploration rides to random people using the Syndicate shuttle.

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Roll traitor, be anything but a human, get the hardsuit and shuttle then offer it! It’s fun!

Being a human makes people think your instantly a nukie because nukies cant be any other race!

The Syndicate shuttle can’t be a Nukie shuttle and wise versa. Plus, static name and on the crew manifest.

Yeah but people seeing humans in red-hardsuits assume nukies.

I died sadly. I had an encounter with the pirates when I was getting ready. Sad I missed it!

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only if the person in the suit is human.

Paint the hardsuit.


I think I got an invitation to the tour but had to cryo that round because I was getting eepy. That amazing tho! 10/10 gimmick. Hope to catch the next tour lol

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