Sylrene banned by MACIEKBAKI

CKEY: Sylrene


Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both (Originated from LRP)

Ban Type: Server (Heads, Engineers, Scientists)

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09/05/19

Round ID: 6774

Ban Reason: plasmaflood during war ops as nonantag, appeal on forums

Appeal Reason: A good amount of time has passed since my screw up, and I’d like to have a second chance at these roles now that I’ve been to other servers, and gotten a little more experience and knowledge on what is and what isn’t a disastrous and ban worthy move. If I do get appealed I can promise that something like this won’t be happening from me again.

Additional Information: I was relatively new at the time to Beestation and LRP in general, and it was war ops so I was double the clueless about this but I knew that SHTF… so my gigantic brain thought it was a good idea to flood out the nuclear ops with plasma and assume the rest of the crew would adapt before the ops did. Only later on, after my ban, when I realized there was a guide for dealing with nuclear ops did I realize the absolute extent of my genius move.

I believe in second chances to be honest I’d be up with it being lifted if the other admins agree.

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Thanks for that. I can definitely assure that I won’t be making any of the mistakes I’ve previously made anymore to the best of my ability. Read over guides, observed other players, I’ve generally been proactive about avoiding dumb mistakes or asking first if I’m not 100% about something being in-line with the rules.

I am going to lift this as its been the guts of half a year and the Admin who banned yourself has resigned.

Please remember to stick within the rules and enjoy.