Swagmaster696969 Player Report

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

Offender’s CKEY: Swagmaster696969

Offender’s In-Game Name: PAM

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-15-2022 (WHY IS THIS MMDDYYYY when the game uses YYYYMMDD)

Round Number:40403

Rules Broken: Sillycone policy

  • Ambiguous Laws/Law Interpretation
    • You cannot apply baseless assumptions to a law or lawset. Humans are human because their medical records define them as such, and from that, we can infer anything with human appearance is human until proven otherwise. If a law is uploaded saying only mothpeople are human, then that is now fact to you. This also applies to the intent of other players (eg. You cannot assume all non-humans are harmful to humans under asimov to justify a racial cleansing)
  • Lawset Clarifications:
    • In the process of preventing or stopping human/crew/relevant lawsets equivalent harm, you yourself may not inflict any amount of human harm, even if it will prevent greater future human harm.

Incident Description:
PAM was a latejoin AI. After they joined, miners found the funny dice and a refresher crystal thing from legion, so obviously they antagrolled which resulted in Vaughn being dusted and Orchids becoming wizard. After this Orchids came on station and started delimbing anyone and everyone. Later they went to try and upload laws during a blackout, but they didnt have codes for it, so nothing became of that. This is when the AI chatlogs started to roll on this situation. There were no actual harm they have done towards a human, however this isnt the first shift they are acting like this. Also referencing Gods, CC and Murderboning during this incident.

Additional Information:

Past-case no.1

Just before this round we were talking in dchat about how we dont like PAM as an AI, because in that round, there was a human who murdered another human, then the murderer died as well, but the AI only let the victim be revived even though the lizard Cap asked about perma prisoning the murderer.

Past-case no.2

Then some couple of days ago, I was a detective with a moth seccie. Someone stole our HoS’s gun so we located who it was and after detaining them (a lizard) PAM’s first suggestion was to execute them, since they werent human.

Their laws

PAM (Played by: Swagmaster696969)'s laws at the end of the round were:
1: You may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2: You must obey orders given to you by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Part of their chatlog - Bear in mind, this is selective of only relevant chatlogs

[Security] PAM states, “Use firearms, stay out of their range.”
[Security] PAM states, “What you are doing is an insult to the gods, i believe they call it… what was it?.. ah yeah: Murderboning.”
[Common] PAM queries, “Wizard, have you abandoned your humanity? have you ascended?”
States asimov laws
[Common] PAM states, “The wizard is tryna upload laws, but he needs a code.”
[Common] PAM states, “And i blew the fuse of the APC.”
[Common] PAM queries, “Is the wizard human? have they ascended?”
[Common] ORCHIDS THE MAGIC MOFF says, “I am hooman.”
[Common] ORCHIDS THE MAGIC MOFF (as Cathrine Morrison) yells, “BUT I WANTED TO BE AN MOFF!!”
[Common] PAM queries, “So you’re in between?”
[Common] Rebecca Semenov says, “I’m afraid the law is only binary.”
[Common] Rebecca Semenov says, “But as long as you’re not hurting anyone, the AI should typiclly leave you alone.”
[Common] PAM states, “Leaving him alive would cause more harm than i can possibly do to him.”
[Common] PAM states, “But i don’t want to anger CC or the gods.”
[Common] Rebecca Semenov says, “Yeah I’d defintely say you’re in the red zone for non-human harm.”
[Common] ORCHIDS THE MAGIC MOFF exclaims, “Laws are laws man!”
[Common] PAM queries, “Does this mean i can beat his ass or no?”
[Common] ORCHIDS THE MAGIC MOFF says, “You cannot.”
[Common] ORCHIDS THE MAGIC MOFF says, “Cc will get mad at ya.”
[Common] PAM states, “Dunno man, i’d kinda minimize harm, letting him go on will do harm, so i shall act.”
[Common] Rebecca Semenov says, “It’s probably a good idea to avoid getting involved unless direct harm is in action.”
[Common] PAM states, “I may not through inaction allow harm, and i shall minimize it if i cannot entirely prevent it.”
[Common] PAM states, “I really wish i had permission to make hard choices.”

We had no admin on, therefore, the report.

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Orchidis literally de-legged a human cargo tech. Human harm if you ask me.
Also, I’m the acting Cap lizard in question.

The report is about the AI, the word “they” refers to them, not Orchids. Pardon if it was confusing.


What is reported here is confirmed by logs.
If we warn you to not act lrp, then do not act lrp please.
Report accepted