Suzan Meyer Player report, mass slime-transforming and killing as a ling

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Suzan Meyer

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/15/21

Round Number: 31343

Rules Broken: Antag conduct, Murderboning

Incident Description: This person was a ling just going around shooting syringes filled with slime mutation toxin at random people turning them into slimes, then killing said people with fire extinguishers. They had no hijack objective.

Turning crew into slimes has no benifit to the ling, as they cannot absorb nor dna sting dead slimes

Additional Information: When i ahelped about it, a stealh-min going by the name of “monke” replied -
Thanks for the report, but there are no issues I can see with their actions at this time.
Despite it ending in many crew deaths, either to other crewmembers just killing slimes as they come across them, or the ling themselves.
I was originally going to make an admin report since others had problems with the stealthmin not listening to tickets, but i dont know the admin’s name, and they were probably busy?

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I was the admin, and due to the ongoing nature of the round and the fact I saw no issues with the other player, I elected not to share any information that I found. Any time you see a stealthmin set as any form of “monke” it’s probably me and I’m set to stealth because I’m not proactively adminning - I’m tabbed out and just listening for bwoinks in case any come.

Regarding the player in question:

As of the time of the bwoink, they had slimed two people. One was a target, the other was killed for AA. Only one additional player was slimed and killed. One unexplained kill is not murderboning, and I stand by my initial conclusion after looking at logs.


Extract more compatible genomes than any other Changeling.

Steal the chief engineer’s advanced magnetic boots.

Prevent Camille Kite, the Assistant, from escaping alive.

Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod with the identity of Camille Kite, the Assistant while wearing their identification card.

Non-target victims

(one of which reportedly had AA, and the changeling had AA when they made this claim)

sn0wyw0lf \ Morgana Dennis \ Chemist \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
Ofkiast \ Quinn Werry \ Assistant \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Every instance of slime transformation toxin being injected successfully in the entire round by any player. The golem is assumed slaved to the changeling.

ATTACK: [redacted]/(Suzan Meyer) has attempted to inject Mind_Salus/(Camille Kite) with the syringe which had /datum/reagent/aslimetoxin (7.1u) and /datum/reagent/toxin/plasma (2.9u) (NEWHP: 100) (Central Primary Hallway (107, 144, 2))

ATTACK: [redacted]/(Bananium Golem (807)) has injected Ofkiast/(Quinn Werry) with the piercing syringe which had /datum/reagent/aslimetoxin (3.6u) and /datum/reagent/toxin/plasma (1.4u) (NEWHP: 100) (Bar (131, 127, 2))

ATTACK: [redacted]/(Bananium Golem (807)) has transferred reagents (/datum/reagent/aslimetoxin (3.6u) and /datum/reagent/toxin/plasma (1.4u)) from the syringe (epinephrine) to Sn0wyW0lf/(Morgana Dennis) (NEWHP: 6) (Departure Lounge (101, 75, 2))

Golems cannot fire syringe guns, i saw multiple people shot with slime syringes, or attempts at shooting them. security caught on pretty fast and hunted them down.
I find it hard to believe that only three non-targets were turned into a slime, everywhere you looked there were slimes or slime bodies.

Even if the golem was slaved, the master is still responsible for its actions right?, did they give the golem an order to slime-ify everybody? How did it help in their objectives?

Golem here, I was ordered to do so. But! I couldn’t fire syringes so I just did gimmicks for people to drink the toxin
For example: Getting the monkey to drink it by lacing the rum cola.

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okay thats pretty funny… how many monkeys did you do it to? i saw so many slimes

First person was an assistant in a corgi suit, I just asked him if he wanted ‘funni juice’ he consented.
Then, I think I gave that monkey with the medical bag a laced cocktail, it was a converted human but I mean, I just pointed at the drink and was cheering to ‘CHUG CHUG CHUG’ loved that one
After that I tried injecting the assistant target of Suzan, some Carrie orso, but they already were shot with a syringe so I retreated.
Then, I had the mischievious plan, to take a epidephrine syringe, labeled with syringe (epidephrine) and fill it with the toxin and 1/2 epi. And inject it for people who are down, to get them back up. A bit devilish but god, I loved that one a lot.
… And honestly, I think the donk pockets I handed out also transformed some folks after handing them out as ‘prices for being a good sport’ after slipping them.


Alright, I went over the logs again when this was first posted and was baffled. I finally got around to “resolving” it now that it’s codified that we’re all responsible for reports.

The logs are unfortunately insufficient for me to pursue any action against the reported player. I’m still seeing exactly what I told you in-game when I handled the ticket. Not that many players were actually transformed here either, as far as I can tell.