Surgery rework?

So I’ve noticed how much people dislike using anesthetic and sterilizer spray when performing surgery. This might be because of powergaming and wanting to get through the surgery as fast as possible without any RP elements. So, I suggest a few things to make people want to use those lost and forgotten features much more often.

  • Oof ouch owie my bones.
    You ever stub your toe and curse out because of the ungodly amounts of pain? Well, imagine your toe being stubbed but it’s inside of you.
    I suggest that performing surgery without anesthetics reduces the chances of success by like 25%. This should be a number significant enough to make people consider using anesthetics when they get their cat ears implanted.
    I also suggest making it so that the pain from the surgery basically cripples you and puts you in a crit state. Could easily be fixed with some CPR, but it would still be annoying if you want to powergame through surgery.

  • Why’s my arm falling off?
    Infections, basically make it so that each surgery precaution makes infections less likely to occur. An infection could just be a disease that slowly applies brute and toxin damage to your innards or your limbs.
    Sterilizing the area with a spray makes it like 40% less likely to occur.
    Performing surgery on an operating table makes it 15% less likely to occur.
    Wearing gloves and a mask makes it 30% less likely to occur.
    And finally, having a sleeping patient makes it 15% less likely to occur.
    If all the conditions are met, infections shouldn’t happen and everybody should be happy.

  • Wait, you’re not a doctor!
    Have you ever perfectly conducted brain surgery without having no prior knowledge of medicine OR neuroscience? If you have, congrats you’re a goddamn miracle.
    If you have not, well, why should assistants know how to perform brain surgery? It’s not like they have a medical degree or have the appropriate job.
    I suggest making it so that medical personnel have the highest chance of surgery success. Having a robot arm grafted onto you by the clown doesn’t really make that much sense.

Welp, that’s all for my suggestions. Hope at least some of them are considered and maybe even added because currently anesthetic is only useful for one thing and that’s flooding the hallways with it.

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As it was said in medical rework thread. The surgery succes rate was already reduced and i dont think its the way medical rework should go.
I generally agree people without knowledge and equipment shouldnt be able to perform surgeries on the same level, but you also need to have in mind LRP

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What about the anesthetic and sterilizer spray stuff though? Don’t you agree that it’s kinda stupid that people don’t want to be anesthetized? It would hurt like a motherfucker if you got operated on while you were still awake.


I think the idea of one role being able to do something that another one just straight up can’t or being able to do something better just by being that role is stupid. I believe that if you have the knowledge on how to do something you should be able to do it regardless of role. And if you’re gonna add something like this make it MRP only.

How do you have the knowledge if you’re an assistant that’s just there to help other people?

Let’s be honest, most of the time people use the wiki to do surgeries because you’re not gonna memorize how to do every single surgery.

And I wasn’t saying that only one role can do it. I suggest making it so that mostly everyone that’s working in the medical department have a higher chance of performing surgery than the mime who got kicked out of art school and is now going around being mute and stealing the clown’s shoes.

Maybe he was a doctor who got fired or quit. You’re talking about the RP server right? Can’t your character have a backstory?

If they have a backstory, sure.

Oh wait… fuck…

I’m talking about the skill system from baycode ain’t I?

I don’t like the idea of a skill system on bee but if you let people put points into skills I’d say that’s a way better system than just having roles decide it.

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Totally agree with the anesthetic idea, if only to eliminate backseat surgeons

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lol lets make surgery failure even more bullshit, i love trying to put a pill in someones tooth and have it fail 30 times in a row, so i have to make even more pills everytime rng decides to fuck me over, time to only stick to tend wounds because thats all surgery will ever be used for if this is added, considering its rarely ever used for anything else already

tfw no evil incarnate

Game is already too fast for surgeries done in current system, most of the time at least. Let people finally learn how to tend wounds, repair vital organs, defib rather than clone, and THEN try to fix surgery.

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