SuperbDingaling banned by jonnysalami

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Game Ban
Ban Length:
12 Days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Extreme rage in ahelps over jannies not being online 24/7/365, and unwilling to ping @adminhelp. Proceeded to abuse non-admin staff whom responded to their ahelp. Has a history of this.
Appeal Reason:
I’m fucking mad because I shouldn’t have to join the goddamn discord when ahelps in-game are already sent to the discord itself. I’m tired of having to jump through n+1 hoops. What the fuck is the point of ahelping at all when they can just choose to ignore it completely? I understand it’s a volunteer position, but there were no less than 3 active admins in the discord at the time, I know, because I asked someone to check.
Additional Information:
Yes, I’m angry, but you decided to resort to shitslinging first “You have to be above 12 years old to create a BYOND account”, might not be the exact wording, but it’s pretty close. E: Actually upon further recollection I realize I started it first, I apologize. However my original point still stands.

Nobody being online to answer your ticket is not justification to spam new tickets with insults every couple of minutes for the next half hour. It also doesn’t justify being hostile towards staff when we do show up. If you think that your response here was appropriate then I implore you to find somewhere else to play. This type of behavior whether it’s targeted at staff, or other players, is entirely unacceptable.

Keep the ban.


And ignoring ahelps while active in discord is? Yes, I understand I went overboard, but having shit ignored for said half hour would irritate anyone. Especially when stuff in the player reports category can go without resolution for days at a time.

We are not ignoring anything. While yes it is true that ahelps are relayed to the discord that requires someone to actively be watching that channel for them. As you’ve already been told this is a volunteer position, you cannot expect us to treat it like a full time job.

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We’re not “ignoring” the AHelps in the Discord. Just because we’re online doesn’t mean we’re available to get onto SS13 to handle a ticket. Many of us have our computers on while AFK or we’re doing something else like working, schoolwork, or even just playing another game. Also, many times we can be online and active, but we’re on our phone and not even at our computers.
I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your issue not being handled quickly enough for your satisfaction, but staff members have lives outside of this which is, ultimately, a game that we run and play for fun.
Slinging abuse is not acceptable and I certainly hope you don’t treat others in your day-to-day interactions like that. Remember that there’s another person on the other side of the username and you shouldn’t be taking your frustrations out on them.
In my opinion, the most important rule we have here is Be excellent to each other.

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I will likely respond to this tomorrow.

Having looked at the timestamps for logs briefly, you spent nearly 40 minutes angrily spamming ahelp, then lighting into a non-admin staff member when they told you to stop.

Can you elaborate on your thought process for spending 40 minutes repeatedly sending the same angry copy paste messages to ahelp?

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A combination of lack of accountability in answering ahelps in a prompt manner, player reports being left unhandled, and general lack of admins during peak hours.

Playing the lottery with 3 layers of “Will an admin see this” is incredibly disheartening and infuriating.

Okay, real talk: do you actually believe that spamming AHelps with insults and abusing not-admin staff can, in any way, help you with your problem? Like, seriously. How do you expect treating people like that could possibly end up favorably for you? If you need help from someone, why would you also act in such an unpleasant way towards them?

Do you treat doctors and nurses like that?
Do you treat police and firefighters like that?
Do you treat cashiers and waiters and other customer service workers like that?
None of these are rhetorical questions. If you answered “yes” to any of them, I seriously recommend taking a hard look at yourself and asking yourself if that’s who you want to be.

Of course not, because doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, cashiers, and waiters all have an obligation to do what they signed up for. Which does not exist here.

If I were to call 911 and instead of getting an operator, I got a “please leave a message and MAYBE someone will get back to you” or a “Try going to the police station they’ll see it there.” you’d be a little pissed off too, right?

Admins are real people with real lives, and volunteers at that.

If you can’t accept that your tickets may go unanswered, the disconnect button is at the top right.

Keep the ban.

theres a big fucking difference between the police and jannies for an obscure space game


The phrase ‘ahelps are also send to discord’ is a bit misleading.
Don’t get me wrong, they are, but they are coupled with other logs (such as game starting or such) and on the other channel.
Do you seriously expect me to monitor this channel when I very clearly don’t have a time to actively monitor the server?


The thing is, this is a GAME so any comparisons to real life is mute in this case. Nobody is paid at all; not the hosts (not counting patron/other fundraising for server costs), nobody is being paid to mentor, nobody is paid to be a admin. I’ve been frustrated to by the lack of admins during a round, but then I remember that admins have lives and jobs outside of being a volunteer for Beestation and that’s why nobody is on at that moment and there is nothing wrong with that. If anything I make a player report after the round or adminhelp on discord, and I’m also slightly surprised that the ban length isn’t a full 2 weeks/1 month.

Seeing as your behaviour in the ban appeal hasn’t changed, I’d very much be in favor of keeping this sustained.

Comparing admins to 911 dispatchers or emergency services is probably one of the most detatched things I’ve read in my time here.


You have to be one real sad dude to spam ahelp for 40 minutes


In fairness, it was oo7craigmc who brought it up, comparing police to admins.

I’d like to apologize to JonnySalami and PowerfulBacon. I realize that spamming ahelps is unacceptable. I’d still like to reiterate my point of the fact that issues go unresolved far too frequently.

Remember, you also have the option to open player reports should ahelps go unanswered and there’s a system in place to keep staff on top of these reports.

You do realize that nobody on the Dev Team, Mentor Team, or Admin Team get paid, right? A lot of us have family, friends, and other things that take priority.

Additionally, administration can be exhausting and playing on an SS13 server you admin for isn’t exactly relaxing since you still have to remain vigilant. So yes, sometimes admins play games that aren’t SS13.

If you’re really worried about issues going unresolved, you could always work towards becoming an admin and throwing your hat into the ring.

My guy there’s like 9 unresolved player reports on the first page with like 5-20 days of inactivity. The problem is that if there’s nobody on, it’s a tossup if someone in discord sees it, then you have to play roulette to get your player report handled. I know it’s easier said than done to get more admins, but the player shouldn’t be the one having to jump through hoops to get their issue resolved, and getting told “Well you just have to live with the fact that it may not get handled.” doesn’t help in the slightest.

Yes, it’s a volunteer position. Yes, it’s unpaid. It’s still a vital position to keep the server running smoothly. They’re the ones that took on the responsibilities of the position, and agreed that they understood when they did. What the hell is the point of having moderation at all when it’s wholly ineffective at times, and admins can just decide not to take care of it? Besides getting more people, I don’t know how to fix it, but that’s not my wheelhouse. I just want it acknowledged that it’s a problem in the first place.