Super12pl's Discord Mute Appeal

Discord ID: super12pl#1550

Admin Discord ID: ?

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: ?

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12-01-2020

Ban Reason: do what you want in your free time but don’t ride other server publicly and use our name with it.

Appeal Reason: Yes I did break rule 3 of staff conduct, yes I did bad, yes it wasn’t smart, yes I was rightfully demoted for breaking it. What is the discord mute for though?

Additional Information: I already paid the fine, let me out of jail.

Bump because I didn’t break any discord rules and really want to get out of jail.

Did you get demoted from mentor?

I think the mute should stay for some time.
I will assign the admin who muted you to this.

20202020 characters

I apologize for late response.

Using our public general channel for a crusade against other server is not enough of a violation?

This mute was discussed with a head admin as well. And therefore I think it should stay.

I will wait for additional opinions on this topic before making my final decision.

I don’t think it should stay permanently, but I do agree with being a mute. Raiding of other servers is not something that should be tolerated, let alone bragged about.

We can’t really stop you from doing what you want, but leave it out of Bee and don’t glorify it on Bee. You may not be ruining the game for Bee players, but you’re still going out of your way to ruin the game for others and that’s not cool.

I’m not trying to justify my behaviour but these are strong words for literally breaking one door.

EDIT: Oh also if mute is because of raiding other servers why only me and penwin got muted?

Were there more of you? :thinking:

You and Penwin were the ones who got punished for griefing on raided server.

On the one hand, it was literally just breaking open a door to where two people were ERPing and saying “Are you winning son?”.

On the other, we had to explain why two of our mentors were using our discord server to organise people as a group to mess with another server and claiming to be representing us. That’s not good.

I’m a little disappointed to be honest, despite the very minor nature of the raid.

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Are you administrating son?


If they actually did contact you about this, Im really sorry but I still think demotion was enough of the punishment(because the mentor part was the problem no?)

same :pensive:

I apologize if my response previously was not enough.

During the incident we talked about this in admin channel, and I believe it was a right decision for a mute back then.

However I am up to shorten the mute duration as I believe the lesson was already taken with mentor demotion.

I will wait two days more to see how other admins think about this.

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so yeah what about that?