Super12pl warn appeal 2

Discord ID: super12pl#1550

Admin Discord ID: Inviinvi#1422

Ban Type: Warn

Ban Length: Infinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12-06-2021

Ban Reason: don’t post moth erp in general

Appeal Reason: The offending video was a recording of a visual bug present on /tg/ where if during riding a cow(in this case a cow reskin similiar to the moth roach) one moves horizontally into the wall, the cow moves in the opposite direction while the player character does not, creating a motion vaguely akin to sexual intercourse.
Due to the similiarity being purely coincidental and on the same level as :point_right::ok_hand: , I think the warn is unwarranted.

Additional Information:

The video in question

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what the fuck? You know what it is, that’s fucking foul

Edit: This is very much on topic, seeing a mothperson fuck a moth-cow hybrid is genuinely gross and
absolutely deserving of a warn


Thats moth seggs dude. You even titled it “mofflove”, what did you expect

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blame /tg/ people for that title, I’m just a simple reposter

I don’t even feel like watching the video that sounds gross :nauseated_face:

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That looks pretty non-coincidental and intentional bro… :triumph:


My freedom is at stake gentlemen

People really be over reacting, yes it’s kinda weird unless you posted this with context you kinda deserve to get the smack as this does look like moth erp

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gamer :saluting_face: join me in mining



This has the same vibes as the minecraft piston + end rod + sheep in a boat thing. In my opinion the video itself doesn’t depict anything warning worthy since it’s literally just a bug but i ain’t an admin so my opinion doesn’t mean much

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I’ll take over this appeal, since Invii is no longer part of staff.

The similarity, like RKz pointed out, was not just “purely coincidental”. It was a very weird video, that should not have been posted.
The server has a very clear no erotic content policy, what did you expect when you sent this?

I don’t think you realise that what you did was wrong.
Because of this i will deny the appeal, and keep the one-point warning.

Appeal denied