Super12pl (Topith-Jeer/B.E.E.P.) Feedback

I mainly play on MRP but come to LRP from time to time.
Please give feedback.

Bruh so there’s a guy constantly using the same silicon name as you on lrp

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beep is a pretty common silicon name

DONT KNOW if its u but the B.E.E.P on LRP constantly is based as fuck

the beep on LRP is fearchan

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then he is very cool

Pretty chill, doesn’t seem to tide and and i can actually hold conversations with you unlike most people.
Certified mrp scalie

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20 characters

I love it when your called B.E.E.P on LRP. Such a useful borg to subvert

I haven’t played as B.E.E.P. on lrp though :confused:

Pretty funny for a borg.

Wrong beep then you still sound based man, You should check out LRP. We welcome MRP players that love to roleplay!.

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If reds88 and maggot can bump their threads i can as well!
Please give feeeback for purple curator main.

put on a shirt hippie


cool lizard metagang man, helped me communicate with a xenomorph to steal their organs one time.

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one of the damn raddest lizard. very cool.

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