Super12pl mute appeal

Discord ID: super12pl#1550

Admin Discord ID: Crossedfall#1001

Ban Type: warning

Ban Length: until heat death of the universe, presumably

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07/23/2022

Ban Reason: Trying to egg on political/xenophobic discussions even after I asked everyone to stop

Appeal Reason: It wasn’t my intention to stir the pot at all. During afformentioned discussions in the general chat crossed said “Let’s not be xenophobic” which I thought would be pretty funny if followed with two first lines of this song. Crossed, understandably, didn’t get the joke.

Additional Information: My sense of humour has considerably improved since that time.


That’s a funny song (and a good one) lmao. Did you get a chance to explain the context?

I did not, as the warning muted me. However I already had a placeholder warning that I got removed quickly, so I didn’t think much of this one at the time.

Hopefully they just had a bit too much to deal with, cause this sounds like a bit of a shitty move.

Appeal accepted.