Super Cool Powergame Omega Miner G uide

Hello friends today I will teach you how to play miner real good like pow wow kaboom kabang people will look at you and get more jealous than nan looking at tian.

Okay so first you have to actually play miner, to do this you need to install byond and then space station 13. You gotta find one of the beestation servers and log on, then set up your character and set miner to high. After you realize that you still didn’t get miner, log off.

Next you want to take a wrench and use it on the ORM. This lets you bring it to the mining base in lavaland where it will still function perfectly. You’ll still be coming up for other things so no one can yell at you for this and expect to be taken more seriously than maggot making another peanut thread.

Next you wanna take a first aid kit and remove the pen, bandages and health scanner from it. you can use the slots in it to put more drugs, capsules, the medipen, legion cores, or a note that says something bannable.

After that you wanna take two PKAs. Don’t take them from the miner lockers on station though. Or rather take one from one locker, and another from the locker room on lavaland base. The locker room is southwest of the arrival area. You also get mesons, two survival capsules and at least one scanner. Activate the scanners and put them in yer boots or something lol.

Now put your knife and seclite on your PAK and it’ll be your flashlight. You can put a lite on the other one. BTW you’re taking two PKAs because dealing damage in bursts is safer compared to constantly getting hits in. This is why the best upgrade is damage and not cooldown too.

Anyway now you wanna use your coupon to get a crusher because none of the other options were balanced properly by the coders. Use the crusher to swap hands a few times because the coders also left a bug that makes it not do melee damage until you toggle it at least once. Also turn on its light. Fun fact the crusher can go on your bag slot.

Okay now you wanna take a GPS and put it in your pocket. You can put the GPS window on the right side of the game where all the tabs are so it doesn’t annoy you. You can also rename the GPS signal or even rename one of the ones at base so you can find it easier. No one wants to find mister MINE1 nor will they recognize you, you stupid stupid boy. DON’T FORGET YOUR AIR TANK NERD Also you can eat through the mining mask while it’s on. I made that PR. Praise me.

Okay so now you wanna mine very fast. Other miners are gonna look at you report you for using illegal mining techniques so make sure to only do this alone. Here’s what you do, you fire a PKA, drop it, fire another PKA, then pick the first one up, fire it, etc. By constantly drop-swapping and firing PKAs you get to fire two with the same fire rate as if you were holding one. It is the fastest starter mining technique. Meanwhile just leave the crusher somewhere so an ashwalker takes it and kills you with it.

Ok now you want to rush the hierophant immediately because killing it and using it to mine is faster than getting early research. By doing this you are hereby powergaming because good mining was put on an item that’s also good for pvp for some reason. Fuck yeah! Powergame! So go to the zealous signal and make sure you kill at least one legion before that.

Ok so to kill the hierophant you can dodge its attacks or you can just use a pen, stand next to it, and just keep using your crusher on it from behind. Then when you get low you just use the legion core you got earlier and hiero will die first. This is totally intentional design. Praise the coders! Make sure to take the hierophant trophy and put it on your crusher because it lets you powergame even more on the simplemob trash in lavaland. Truly the mobs are the worst players. If you play goliath you deserve to be reported immediately. Worst job. I bet you face up on purpose so people don’t see you.

Anyway enough ranting. After you get the hierophant you just mine with it for the rest of the shift and deliver ores. Repeat this until you misclick and blow yourself up with gibtonite because of hiero’s low cooldown.

Thanks for reading have a good one


not being able to tell if a goliath is about to grope you with tentacles when it’s facing up is Intentional Design®


Didn’t make bone bracers or tailsman cringe guide

In this guide you only kill the hierophant (and one legion) and it ignores armor.

The cringe has been inside you all along! Dirty!

I’m not the one who made the cringe guide.
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Mocca loves this guide!!! It helps them powergame every round!!!

Miner has hiero unique item i cant just steal it reee


Resonator not mentioned, 0/10.

you forgot about raiding lavaland base nerd!!1!!11!!1!1