Sumter Admin Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator @Sumter

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.

Good admin. I reported an AI for killing me when I was valid even though I was Human/Crew. Sumter at first assumed that the AI was subverted (AI had been onehumaned, but also made crewsimov), but then he double checked himself and realize he made a mistake, and proceeded to punish the AI fairly. (Comment made while he was still a Trialmin.) That’s the sign of a Goodmin if you ask me.

best admin possible on beestation please promote him to headmin ASAP

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gave me a cool hat once promote them to headmin

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actually good admin, gave me a somewhat questionable note but he removed it after consideration which I respect him for.

like maggot guy said