SumeiLumei Banned by WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

CKEY: SumeiLumei

Admin’s CKEY: WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Global

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: SecBan

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7/28/2020

**Round ID:**19136

Ban Reason: Repeat shitsec. Executed someone for shoving them and shooting practice lasers.

Appeal Reason: The chat log will show that the Brig Physician (Assaulter in this case) refused to do their duty as brig physician and patch up me (A member of security) opening them up to 1 count of Dereliction of Duty, which their character, as BRIG PHYSICIAN should be aware is a thing in space law, as defined within BeeStations own Wiki. Additionally, they had shot practice lasers and repeatedly shoved the character, giving them minor crimes of Assault, as well as the major crime of Assault of an Officer as is also defined by space law within the servers ow wiki. The original intent was to knock her out and drag her to a cell, but the other officers were “being shitsec” as I was accused of being and stopping me in playing my role and carrying out my duty to uphold space law.

Additional Information: None really. Other than I pointed out the in game reason for my characters actions, the space laws that were broken, and so forth, but still banned regardless. I do also like that my character was stripped and tossed in jail with the quite offensive statement ‘Gulag time’ when we have pictures such as this on the discord And the Captain at the time of the round who’d said such isn’t receiving any punishment as far as I know.

Dereliction of duty is defined as:

To willfully abandon an obligation that is critical to the station’s continued operation.

You not getting patched up once is not DOD, which leaves you with assault of an officer, a 5 minute sentence, which you, a security officer, executed over. Not only can you not execute over that, you didn’t ask the permission of the captain before executing the person, making this an unlawful execution and therefore murder, thus allowing the captain to act against you as he did.

Something you repeatedly ignore is that you are a peacekeeper. It is not your job to kill anyone who breaks the law, it is your job to arrest them and punish them as space law decrees. You can’t kill people over minor crimes, you can’t give out beatings instead of brig time and you can’t act like you own the station just because. You will keep getting secbans until you learn this.

As stated before, The initial beating was to knock down, cuff, and apprehend the indifidual for the afformentioned assault, not just the DoD. Which I did not persue or attack her for, I merely issued the arrest command for, as she was “willfully abandoning an obligation that is critical to the station’s continued operation.” Because to say that a brig physician isn’t critical, is about the same as saying the doctors are not. Onto the topic of the beating itself, as stated, the others were keeping a security officer from arresting a person who would not cooperate willingly, possibly even adding counts to them for disrupting said arrest.

The point is this. The character was acting to arrest the character. As the law dictates, straight from the book sitting in the station(Which links to your wiki). If I was going around beating everyone I wanted, a clown may have been brained very early in the match before I got my ass kicked and killed, if the clown didn’t do it himself. I was playing my role based on the law book.
And keep in mind how easy it is to be labelled ‘Shitsec’ with what the antags, and even NON antags are allowed to do on the station.
Again, you’re gonna tell me i’m not allowed to hit a person in the process of trying to arrest them, and get an ooc ban for it, but a god damn physician is allowed to outright refuse to do their job with no punishment? I mean, I appreciate a quick reply and all, but damn that’s some backwards logic.

I won’t lift this unless @GameAdmin say you should be unbanned, which you shouldn’t. You have to follow space law on MRP, and completely ignoring it to do le epic harmbaton on people mid arrest, as well as unauthorised executions for refusing to heal you, are completely unacceptable.

I think the ban should stay, everything we got here is againt’s you.

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