Sulla Wyatt Feedback

How can I improve? be as harsh as you want I don’t mind it, also tell me what you like (if anything) in my involvement in rounds so I can build up on it more.

obligatory litterly who?


yeah me and you have never interacted, not to my knowledge at least

Pretty good barman, however 60% of the times I see you, you’ve got an AI upload in your back room.

10/10 overall.

dear silly sully
a nice barman

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I might be a little harsher to you than I need to be typically, and I apologize for that. Thats not fair of me considering i’ve yet to have a bad experience with you in game.

I rarely interact with you in game and the only times I have have been with Xixia (my angry and mean character). ‘spose that doesn’t really foster positive relationships huh?

Sullas not bad, just don’t have enough experience with them as my more neutral characters to say anything useful about him though.

(Despite this feedback response being long af)

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I know it’s childish but the contempt your character expressed towards mine when I became an officer hurt me ooc. I was never the same.

stop hiding from me you coward

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