Suggestion: Adopt Space Law in to the official ruleset of MRP

This is the holy and mighty cure for shitsec – a lot of MRP stations such as Yogstation have adopted space law as part of the official ruleset, thus ensuring that it’s not “just like a suggestion maaaaaan” for security to follow.

Doing so would create a clean and more clear delineation from LRP and MRP, and would better dictate the behavior of security personnel. To make the MRP server actually feel like MRP, security should be upheld to at least that basic standard.

On LRP, Space Law would remain a suggestions, and only unfair brig timers would be disputed.

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Agreed, right now on MRP security might as well be a valid hunting mercenary force completely detached from the safety of the crew.

People also use the fact space law is a ‘suggestion’ to treat prisoners like complete garbage. Prisoners should be treated with dignity and kept safe while in security custody.

It’s a suggestion I’ve made before as well, couldn’t tell you what the opposition was for it even if I remembered what it was now (since I suggested and it was discussed in admin channel)

Thread has my support either way.


What if … security actually is a mercenary force, they are literally hired by a corporation to protect their interest?


This is the kind of attitude that ruins people’s rounds.

I think a lot of people playing MRP right now, their playstyle might be more suited for an LRP server.

What if people ruin their rounds themselves by being giga shitters and giving sec a reason to go after them.

Look at the bans, there are A TON of sec getting banned for unjustly brigging, beating people and abusing their sec equipment for their own selfish reasons.

What a shocker that people that main security, would drag their feet on actually implementing Space Law. Says more about the state of MRP than I ever could.

I made 0 reference to what you wrote in your actual post.

The only differences this would bring is in hamstringing sec and in empowering shitters and EOC.

God forbid you would have to treat people with dignity.

Hamstringing sec is making stun batons take two hits. This is implementing basic decency as expected of a professional security officer.

It does take 2 hits from the stunbaton to stamcrit somebody?

Decency is for the proper crew not being shitters. Everybody else gets the harmbaton.

The exact reply I expect from 99% of sec on this station, and this is why we need this suggestion. Thank you for perfectly illustrating the need for this.

@Ruko I’m curious what would be the process or procedure for getting a vote on something like this possibly?

Let the discussion play out for a few days, invite people who disagree with you openly into the discussion. Find out precisely why the other players don’t want proper law to be enforced as a server rule.

Additionally: Space law is in the server rules if a lawyer is present and alive.

As people are expected to do their job, you are also expected to let people do theirs.

The problem is lawyer is an exclusively RP-centered role, so it doesn’t garner a lot of players. But if you really want to dick with security for being too harsh, being lawyer is the best way to go right now.

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I love playing lawyer. I have had tons of great RP experiences on other servers as lawyer. The problem on Bee is that security officers are in a race to ‘brain the valid’. You and your client can beg and scream for a trial all you want, they are just gonna be murdered in cold blood in the brig hallway.

Call the AI. AI will shut down the entirety of the brig if they see harm done.

As they should if sec is too incompetent to lie.

Only makes sense if the wiki was actually maintained.

I made a forum account just to give this my approval. If there are no concrete rules then its not really a balanced game. If the sec mains in here don’t want to follow the law, maybe you should arm every other role with their own harmbatons in order to balance the game. I played on yogstation MRP and was amazed at how perfectly even the most difficult situations are handled there. No over compensating manlets taking out their anger at the world on the innocent mime. Bee MRP feels like NO RP. Just a bunch of meta/power gaming, same naming cliques.

If there is a clear ruleset in place it will make an Admin’s life much easier. The problem right now is you get quotes like “Space Law is just a guideline”. We don’t need guidelines we need clear rules, clear penalties for breaking them and strict enforcement.

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Feel free to be the one to give concrete rules, maintain the wiki about sec and to keep up with new council votes all at once.

Put them forward, let the people or the admins vote on them and go from there.

Literally what we are doing here.

I meant an official poll, which would also be on the discord.