Sudden actions per second

I joined the game, expecting a normal round, and then all the sudden I was getting messages of upwards of 30 actions at once. I couldn’t even click the adminhelp button before my client crashed.

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I had this happen a few days ago. I was doing a fairly repetitive task and suddenly the “too many actions” warning came up, so I stopped clicking, but it kept popping up repeatedly even though I had complete stopped touching my mouse and keyboard, and it kept appearing for like 2 minutes and I have no idea why

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This can happen if you’ve got any controllers or joysticks or similar connected and they have a drift or anything, Theres probably other reasons for it but thats the main one I’ve come across.

Hopefully people are able to give input on this.

What actions where you both doing at the time, as speed-crafting can do this as well if it registers too many fast inputs.
If not speed-crafting then please let us know what, and we can look into it incase its a code thing ^-^

I was a drone welding iron rods for iron. I do have a control plugged into my computer but its never given me issues before, and is a switch control so it isnt even compatible with most games.

this can randomly happen from when the server starts lagging, don’t worry it’s not normally an issue


Yes, I have a controller that can occasionally drift.

doesnt matter if they drift or not. Controller input, even unchanging, always sends inputs to the server because SS13 doesnt use gamepad catching macros. Unplug it.

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I was handling cryofluid beakers at the roundstart as a Medical Doctor, attempting to setup the cryopods, but before I could even move away from the table, the warnings started popping up.

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