Strategic Job Bans

So are these encouraged now?

If so why not make this an in-game feature (an option in the menu)?

you mean like disabling ‘get a random job if the one you want isn’t available’ and setting prefs to exclude those jobs?

the point of gimmick jobs is you can only tick GIMMICK or NO GIMMICK. You can’t pick Stage magician, Debtor, VIP, or such individually, but if this is something that can just be done, why not make it a checkbox or such rather than forcing people to ping admemes for it.


Yoooo what the fuck this is such a genius loophole :flushed:

oh actually yeah that makes sense for gimmick roles, you right you right

Honestly I have no problem with most gimmick roles except Barber. Playing barber is just… ehhhh.

The problem is hair is roundstart PERFECT to your preference and it doesnt require upkeep. At all.

And thats not even getting into how most people just run around with hats, EVA helmets or hardhats on all round anyway.

damn time to ask to be banned from all gimmiks but debtor so that i can have bar fights

I like playing gimmicks, except for debtor. Fuck debtor.

Every debtor round I end up permanently passed out on the floor because no one knows how it works. Debtor needs to spend time in maints and away from people or they start to freak out and eventually pass out. So don’t haul me to medbay and leave me around like 8 people.


Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

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Debtor is best. Can know the contents of floorpills and has no radio (by necessity) so that you can have this incredible moment of emerging from maint, seeing a total clusterfuck of blood, body parts and assorted bullshit and be completely lost as to why and what is happening.


As debtor, I used to turn walls to fake walls, then hide my ID and bait seccies into maint. They’d inevitably lose me and the whole sec department is baffled by a mysterious “Unknown” that keeps disappearing in maints.

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I play Moth so the problem with that is I NEED a welding helmet. You can’t just tank the welding tool flash.

yeah, you can ban people from individual gimmick jobs.
brilliant, I’ll ban myself from barber because it’s boring

what is DSAY?

also how come bans from AI only (not pAI) are so incredibly rare? AI and Cyborg are pretty different roles, and pAI isn’t even vaguely similar.

DSAY stands for dead say. It’s deadchat.
When you die in game, when you try to speak, you obviously won’t be able to speak IC. Instead your IC chat is replaced with a global chat for dead players.

Replace your eyes. Maybe recruit some greyshirt to do ghetto surgery on you.

Or just ghost out of debtor when you end up passed out in medbay because being permanently passed out is unfun shrug

Pretty sure I have gimmick turned off these days.

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