Storytime: Events Edition

Howdy. Share some anecdotes of stuff you saw in different events that admins hosted.

In my case I saw shit like

  • Fucking Dimas win a SSB round because of his fuckin’ stand.
  • A Lone Op dab on a fully armed Deathsquad.
  • Xenos and cult.
  • Pirates actually greentext somehow.
  • Some madman getting a SM sword from the christmas tree.

What weird fuckin’ memorable shit did ya see or experience?

Well, you already mentioned me dabbing on the death squad, so I’ll just go over some different ones.

No one expects stealth builds in SSB. Running around with an e bow and chameleon projector got me three kills, and decent loot, before I accidentally stepped into an emagged grinder. I was about to robust good boy as well, but he ran off before I could slip him.

There was this one guy in a round on kilostation (forgot his name) who turned almost everyone into shades during a dynamic round. Shades were everywhere, it was like a zombie apocalypse.

I didn’t see it, but it’s funny to imagine the chaos that ensued when bastion tried to do carp ops. They all either killed eachother, or they got killed by the turrets, since they don’t have syndie implants. The last syndicate guy just tried to break into my AI sat (I was PROTEUS at this time). I stunned and killed him, and the round ended.

pizza operatives got them fucking stacks


I learned that pAI could be antagonists, yet no one has been able to set pAI antagonist status since.

Also the pizza ops round was really fun.

  • be me
  • bartender moth big yes
  • qm spouts over radio
  • “Who wants a lizard tail attached to them?”
  • thetimeisnow.gif
  • quickly claim lizard tail, run to cargo for the surgery
  • qm has operating table and surgical supplies
  • STERILE.jpg
  • quietly moan from how sterile supplies are
  • qm places me on table, but trouble is approaching
  • sentient mulebot
  • mulebot pulls me off table to prevent furry oc omega
  • qm and me are obviously pissed at mulebot, abuse it
  • mulebot still attempting to stop the hybrid
  • then, it comes
  • ragnarok
  • mulebots come flying down, and crush me and the qm
  • but, through divine intervention, the moth and qm come back to the realm of the living
  • still stuck in mulebot horde
  • slime has joined the fight
  • eventually make last stand in medbay, as the gods grow fickle in their connection
  • the qm and bartender’s bodies lay, as the mulebots crush the remains
  • moth lizard never completed

Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he’s created?

Just to clarify, mule bots can only hurt you if you’re on the floor, right? They can’t attack you with melee, or have any way to actually knock you down themselves, right?


Only if you’re down

and it hurts a fuckin’ lot.

mulebot dragging soap

oh god mulebot dragging soap

there is no escape for you

Literally stand still and done

I didn’t know mulebots could drag. Interesting. But yeah, what rue said. Or, just make an obscenely easy and cheap to make EMP grenade. Takes minimal effort to pull that off, just the ORM, some beakers, and the holodeck.

Using an antag token to be a slaughter demon during cult round and eating their sacrifice target four times in a row was pretty funny.

Oh god, that’s hilarious.