Storys about interactions with God (admins)

Just stortys about weird funny or just strange interactions with admins.

Mine is this one

Most of the time i pray to them is to heal/revive me if i done something stupid or planing on something one.

On this time i die i went in to the teleporter and i was sent to some Syndicate base.

As soon as i got in there i notice that I had no air and that it was very cold.

But i (as the greytider i am) did not see the three space suit right next to me

So i died big surprise right there, but as a ghost i pray to the gods saying

“Bring me back to life or else you have no balls”

Soon after word i ghost came in and then a voice in my head say something but i was still in my body so i did not hear him.

I was then bring back to life and i head back to the space suit behind me.

But i think i toke three steps and then was exploded by god.

I say to them (something like this) “okay you got me there, you have the the biggest of balls”

The end.



syndicate’s paying you some real fat stacks to literally just off yourself in the coolest way possible


Round end delayed by administrators
Come out of the gateway to see the station
Some guy stuns and crushes me under a firelock while saying some strange and questionable things to me
Go into critical
Admin spawns themself in and aheals me
“I need a gun.”
Drops an insta-kill rifle at my feet
Immediately run down the hallway and gib the guy, then shoot all of his limbs and organs to be double sure
Go on a murderous rampage, shooting gangsters and Santa Claus in the process
The floor caves under my feet
A cold, gloved hand pulls me under
I scream in terror as I am floor cluwne’d



tactical nuke incoming

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a 0 1 3 0 explosion is about the same size as a syndicate minibomb


Oh I have a perfect one.

  • Be me

  • Probably ~50 hour cargo techie. I was newb.

  • Bored. Pray to god something

  • God drops me a fucking d20 of fate.

  • I didn’t know what the fuck it was.

  • Throw it.

  • Get syndie kit, the meta ops one specifically

  • Oh shit???

  • Spam it throughout the round

  • Somehow manage not to roll a 1-4 EVER

  • Except that one time God made me roll it once more

  • 2

  • Flat out die.

  • My corpse is suddenly gone

  • Replaced by a Destructor (Chad clown with gladiator gear)

  • Chunky, immortal boy

  • Run around the station trying to get people to roll die

Server crashed, sadly, but that was one of my first adminbus interactions back when i was new-ish to the game

papa bless Zesk.


kek, that was me

my balls are huge due to testicular cancer


That is what you get for not making me OP :smiling_imp:


I snap my fingers and woopdie doo your legs are pegs and your head is a sled!


Holy shit how long must i play untill i am not a grey tider?

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so one round i was a syndicate lavaland agent, and there was apparently a sentient foam dispenser or something. so naturally i impersonated it and proceeded to shitpost. the ademe (mark suckerburg i believe) even told me i was doin a good job personally and gave me a megaphone. (i did the “eggman pisses on the moon” skit and wanted admeme to adminbus that but that was probably a bit much SO he gave me a megaphone instead) it was great.


Connection died.
Banned by host.

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There was this one time I was playing hermit I think there was a hole in the hermit cave so I was dying to no air.
Prayed to the gods. Please save me I just spawned and I had no chance to live.
Was Ahealed and I think god mode not shure. (Did not go outside my cave as round ended soon after.)
A cursed catana apeared in one of my hands.
I was newb so I did not know what I had been given so I stayed in my cave growing glowshrooms untill round end like 5 mins later

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all admins are bad, down with the jannie


i was doing my radio show, for few games, basically spamming comms with megaphone, admin spawned near me, and joined me

Ya never stop learning doe

I knew some basic stuff but was still retarded af

Yesterday, me and everett were trying to bring back dead players using soulstones, and we were trying to use our respective deity figures(Ancestors for my character, and everett literally worships himself) to get soulstones and construct shells. After praying to himself, everett manages to get two soulstones, and gets some of the dead chat players. After that, he tries praying to himself again for construct shells, but ends up getting another construct shell and an inquisitor hardsuit.

After that, my character does a blood ritual to please the ancestors in the hopes of getting construct shells. This ends with them sending three mi-gori to test us. After going into crit three times, (I sprayed myself with healing chems before hand) me, everett, and some other crew members slay them. Having pleased the ancestors, they sent us a construct shell, which I made into an artificer to make more shells and soulstones. We started summoning shades and…

The server crashed. The end.


I remember that one time where a certain Head God crashed the server using a seed extractor back when they were a mere angel

i can be your angle or your devil…