Story - Was that against the rules?

Thinking of trying to play as lawyer yet again, i have decided to yet again expand my perspectives of the game. I made my character pacifist and then i was ready to go. Remembering, that i have no use for sunglasses in my office, i decided to help out people in medical by making sunglass medhuds for medical doctors and science sunglasses for chemists. I noticed a friend in chemistry and with joy i have passed them the science sunglasses. Some time later, much more later in the round, i see their sunglasses on the floor of the brig. I realise something is wrong, i ask HoS what’s that about. They anwser in confusion and slight irritation, that they do not know what i am asking about. Warden however, had anwser for my question. My friend was a syndicate agent and they have put them into permanent imprisonment in the brig. Surprised, i have went to check that part of the security wing. To my surprise, they weren’t there. Nothing was damaged there. Out of spite towards round removal, i accused security of executing a prisoner without premisson of higher-ups. My accusations were met with confusion and their sudden realisation that my friend managed to escape. Now… Guess how they have escaped. Nothing was damaged, cryo wasn’t used, no blood was on the scene. I’ll give you a hint. Entire armory was also gone. They got a small help from another agent. Scientist who made a shuttle with a tele-pod. Shortly after that my friend got captured and security demanded their execution. They got captains premission. Yet again, because i didn’t want anyone to get round removed, i tried finding a way of talking them out of it. I talked about the premission first, then about their choosing of their fate and then finaly about trial. My ramblings gave enough time… For something to happen. HoS did not execute them, due to trying to get rid off me without causing any uproar from my side and because of THAT, the same person who helped them escape ealier, shot the HoS with a penetrator sniper rifle in the head several times. Due to security not having access to the re-education chambers torture room, HoS lied in critical, while other syndicate agent teleported my friend out.

The results of this entire situation led to a massacre shortly after. Both my friend and his rescuee, went on a massacre, killing his targets, security and anyone who would try to kill them. Captain and HoS managed to stop them, killing them both. Whenever i walked into the massacre, i tried getting corpses to medical and when the syndicates approached, i’d run away or do *surrender emote. This, specificly the emote, saved me from being beat to death. Though, it costed some guys life who i tried saving. They left me be at cost of finishing off the person who valid hunted them. Plus their corpse was taken away, so i don’t revive them.

Now, i would like to ask. Is anything there, in this entire thing, against the rules?

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  • Giving people sunglasses - While I wouldn’t classify it as such I’m sure some of our admins would accuse you of powergaming or metacommunication. A risky move.

  • Annoying sec about execution - Just doing your job, but from what i’ve read you were persistent enough to, once again, get accused of metacomms. Probably lucky if you weren’t.

Everything else is the result of shitsec from what I’ve read. They couldn’t keep the prisoners in and couldn’t stop their rampage fast enough later. For all intents and purposes if the guy who got busted out was in a cell it’d be the same as if he was dead in that situation.

The sunglassea were basicly this cartoon lightbulb moment. I saw friend and i thought. “Hey, they do like how science sunglasses look, i have some spares, might as well make them and for some other people in medical.”. It was kinda because i am used to them being friendly to me and i just basicly wanted to do something nice in return.

As the guy who broke edward out with the sniper rifle - I can very much tell you that you are not in trouble whatsoever for delaying an execution as a lawyer.

You weren’t delaying shit to let me bust edward out, you were delaying it because it’s your job.

And sec salting over being caught by surprise is not something you should listen to

Man I wish I had a lawyer like you the last time I had to deal with shitsec.

As for rule breaking it doesnt look like it to me.

I wonder who that mysterious traitor was who got caught twice… he sounds very bad. Also it wasn’t the captain and hos who stopped us, instead it was a sleepy pen and an emaged borgo. But yes you did well that round and made it much more fun. And to give more context to the caps decision, he was told “I broke out violently, cant be contained.” So it was good to try and get the hos to ask again with context.

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I don’t think giving people sunglasses is enough to need admin intervention (unless used metacommunication was used), should be handled IC by sec if anything. Don’t want the lawyer handing out sunglasses in the case they just handed them out unknowingly to cultists and such

ye i’m aware. just posted everything which i reckoned could get admin attention. my final verdict is still innocent and that sec was incompetent.

Not gonna lie, this sounds like a good round to be sec

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I was the brig physician in this round and I have to say that it was a really good time. You were very persistent, but it felt entirely fitting for the situation - we were about to kill your client, after all. The whole part where the sci guys came in at the last second, starting to blast the place up and all of us panicking felt like it came out of a movie, or something scripted. I had a blast, I think most of us did.

I think round removal was the reasonable choice in this context, seeing how none of his lackeys had been caught and could just as easily aid him in escaping again - but I LOVE the way it finally played out.


Honestly was only one very based and redpilled scientist, the science lads only came in during the first break out on the pussy mobile

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This is second time i honestly saw someone use a shuttle and a telepad to steal entire armory. Security thanks to that manouver was forced to use disablers and batons. Which honestly opened up more things.

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