Stevan721 banned by Yorpan

CKEY: stevan721

Admin’s CKEY: Yorpan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Global

banned on: MRP

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07-29-20

Round ID: 17708

Ban Reason: I wanted to end myself in a fun way but not get banned so I asked admins for a place where I can do it. I made 8 potassium bombs of 200mol, asked people for a megaphone, no one wanted do give it to me so cap opened the airlock in brige (he was doing something) and I came in. I told them I have 8 bombs and that I want a megaphone they started chasing me and cap acidentaly opened the airlock to his private quarters and I came in (dont remember what happened next very well) they told me to get out but I was afraid that they would have taken my bombs so I continued to run from them in caps office (doors closed) HoP started shooting at me with disablers and then I suicide because I had no weapon to fight with exept my bombs and fists ( the potassium bombs were actualy shit and my radius was like 3) the cap and Hop was healed I was died.

Appeal Reason: I want to play again and I am sorry for what I did but I still think HoP and Cap were not smart to shoot a man with 8 bombs. And idk what was the admin expecting what he approved me to suicide with bombs in maint. And he knew I would be running around with a lot of bombs in my backpack.

Additional Information: If you dot wanna give me an unnbann please just make it not a perma one just like 1 month or something like that so I can actualy play again

First of all, running into the brig and telling the captain you have 8 bombs is 100% grounds for being arrested and brigged.
Secondly, they were shooting disablers at you, disablers cause no harm, and since you were obviously a crazy guy with bombs in their eyes, they were fully in their rights to try and arrest you.
Thirdly, resisting arrest is one thing, but blowing yourself up and killing both the Captain and the HoP is very extreme overescalation.

I told you very clearly that you would not be banned if you suicide bombed yourself in a completely irrelevant location and made sure nobody got hurt by it, I gave you the suggestion to do it far out in space or in a very remote location of maintenance if you really had to. You would still probably be noted for self-antag if damaging the station since that is against the rules.
But instead you decided to do this:

This is your 7th infraction of self-antagging or overescalation in 8 months, most of which are of a similar scale (blowing shit up or murdering someone with no actual reason)

And you never told me the details of how you were going to blow yourself up, I had no idea you were running around with 8 bombs in your backpack, because if I did know, I would have already bwoinked you for that.

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Reviewed the notes and it looks like you played several months ago and had the same issue several times before leaving for about 8 months and returning.

Since returning you’ve executed someone on hearsay, plasmaflooded the station, “accidentally” BoH bombed departures (and I vouched for the possibility this was a genuine mistake), and now this.

I’m gonna say this should stick for at minimum two weeks, and you need to change up your play style to be more in line with these rules. Blowing yourself up is more in line with LRP, but not in response to simple disabler fire.

  1. You Must Roleplay
    Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.
  1. Don’t Self Antag
    Self-antagging includes (but is not limited to) damaging the station, attacking other players without reason, and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role. You need a reason justified by roleplay to cause harm to others.

    No, roleplaying as an “insane person” does not mean you get to kill people.

if there is no hope for not being unnbanned then just give me some time like a mont or something so it wont be perma, also I can explain every one of the banns., I know this blowing up HoP and cap aint an excuse but it is what it is thats what I did

yea but my plan was to suicide

Jobban him from everything except like janitor and give him pacification for like 2 weeks and see how he does

I will probably reduce this to some form of temporary ban, but I have not fully decided on what type of ban yet.

I really hope you understand that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable on MRP, and also unaccepable on LRP too. See the rules that Ruko directly quoted, and in particular read through rules 4 and 5 in their full form:

Yeah, give him a month or something. Whatever you feel sufficient.
This looks like extreme dumbassery, not extreme griefing. But previous history of severe dumbassery does weight heavily on him.

thank you I read the rules again, but it was a stupid thing but its what I did.

I have changed your ban down to 3 weeks, but please note that if you do anything like this again, the ban will be substantially longer.