Station Ideas: Shuttle Dock Station

I don’t really play very often right now, but I was sitting around when an old thread from here or maybe it was a conversation on the discord, or something, wormed its way into my head. I remembered we talked about some cool ideas for station layouts. My favorite out of these was a station was is effectively just a dock, with each department being its own functional shuttle. The idea has a lot of limitations, with the biggest being the viability of an entire department that can move z levels, let alone ALL of the departments. regardless, I thought was a really cool idea, and even thought of some ways to circumvent some of the limitations, though some of it would probably require specialized coding. Most of that was just tucked away in my mind somewhere, and then I felt like putting it into some sort of form. I would honestly like to see it one day, and maybe if I ever feel like putting in the effort, I’ll learn how mapping works and work on it myself.

So basically, the station I’m imagining about is several large shuttles docked at a refueling station. I’ve through together extremely rough early concept work for the design and layout of the shuttles and dock itself, but there are still several areas that I am pretty unsure with. I made this in paint, so its obviously not super high quality, but it mostly gets the idea across. I have 4 images. The Dock/Station Layout all together, then some ideas for the ships themselves.

This concept is really barebones. It would probably be pretty constricted, and it contains no maintenance areas. While I want to address this, and the lack of solars, I figured that while having the dock is important, I also want to make sure the dock forms around the ships, and not the other way around. The thing that sparked the change is the mostly finished Medical ship on the far right. I don’t think its a terrible design, I think it would probably have to swap places with the science ship, which the far left ship was going to be. the middle ship was Service, containing a small mobile restaurant. I have other designs for those ships, so the other thing I want to look at is the actual station.

On the far left is Engineering, with atmos on the top, and the SM on the bottom. Unlike most maps, the SM would have an additional use. Each Departmental Shuttle would use generic shuttle thrusters to move, though they would probably have more than a small shuttle could hold. At the start of the round, they would be empty. Plasma generated by the sm would be sucked up and instead of being spaced, it would get pumped to atmos, where it would get filtered into a plasma tank that would feed into fuel lines that go to each shuttle.

Across the hall from engineering is Security. The entire one big square across from engineering is all of security. Then next to security would be captain’s office and room, and then bridge and a publicly visible meeting room, and then next to that is HoP’s office. HoP would be in charge of Cargo and Service as normal, but HoP never does that stuff so I can get away with making Service its own shuttle.

The three rooms to the right of HoPs office is Cargo, which functions as normal

I could also make security and engineering shuttles, but I can’t really justify doing it with Cargo. Cargo already has the mining shuttle, which I could simply make larger. The Cargo shuttle probably has to come to the station z level to function properly. You could make Security a Space Pol Style swat shuttle that just happened to be stopping by, but any seccies who are assigned to a department (like sci sec) would effectively be part of that ships crew over the docks crew. Most of the ships would be allowed to undock at about 45 minutes into the game, allowing for fuelling and some level of progression. the shuttles could also be launched early, though dangerously, if the alert reaches delta.

I have some ideas for the shuttles as well. While the initial concept for the dock had a rough concept for the medical ship, it was the first one I would revisit. It was what sparked me doing the ships first, after all.

The Medical shuttle is effectively a mobile hospital… At the top, we have CMO’s office, connecting to the cockpit on the right, and the power and oxygen storage on the left. Below that, is the reception area, as is typical of a medbay. this contains the docking airlocks, a window, several chairs, and a receptionist desk. Below that is Chemistry which, also by usual medbay standards, is facing the external lobby, allowing potential windoor access. Below Chem is Genetics and cloning. I’m kind of torn on having Genetics on the Medical shuttle, but its usually in medbay… so whatever. Above that is a morgue which is below surgery. Surgery is split into its usual three rooms: a room that can have some beds for ssd/catatonic, a room for actual surgery, and a room for watching surgery. Then, isolated from the rest of the shuttle, but in an art deco way, is Viro. In the very bottom of the shuttle are the thrusters and Plasma tanks. I don’t want to use canisters because that’s too easy to sabotage, I would prefer those big air tanks or whatever they are called. I think each shuttle should have at least one of those for plasma only, and at least one for its local air.

I think this design looks nicer than the other design I had going. The biggest issue was that I wanted viro to be isolated like it tends to be sometimes, but without ruining the shuttle shape. Another issue is how big the shuttle actually is. I would have to sit down and actually like… make it to really grasp how big I want this to be. Obviously its just one department, so it can’t be too crazy, but I would expect this to be mid to high pop map. I think you could probably jam everything I wanted to into this regardless, but looks are important sometimes.

The Middle shuttle is the Service Shuttle, including self sustaining food production, a janitorial staff, 5 star karate chefs, and even in house entertainment. The main entry brings you into the bar, where most patrons would be headed. Meanwhile, this shuttle actually has maintenance. Only one though, and its necessary because of the engines. Regardless, behind the bar is a small maint tunnel for the thruster fuel pipes, which connects to the service lathe. Botany would have to use that service tunnel to exit the shuttle.

My biggest critique of this one is that maybe service should be part of the station. Like maybe I shift engineering to be a fuel truck, bringing electricity and fuel, while Service is simply the basic life support of the station, a janitorial staff and a rinky diner in space that you can eat at between work or while refueling. Maybe it shouldn’t be a shuttle at all. But maybe all of the departments should. I don’t have to much to say about it in the end, I think. A cooler, more sleek design would be better, thematically. If its a traveling restaurant in space, it would want to look good. I just tried to keep it similar to how it looked in that first concept picture.

Finally, the last concept I drew up for now, until i suddenly and abruptly revisit this in the future, is the Science Shuttle. This shuttle turned out pretty well, if pretty boxy. The interior main hallway is too wide, but that could be changed pretty easily. I put placeholders for either tables or benches along those walls. In the back of course is fuel, air, and electricity. However, Toxins storage would also be back here. Toxins is the room with the large black shape in it. I did not attach a good launch point, but I assume that there may be some way to change it to the lavaland bomb site instead, which would be practical. Below Toxins is Xenobio. to the right of Toxins is Robotics. Below Robotics is Xenoarch, and next to Xenoarch is a dock for the generic sci shuttle that most maps have. There are some technical problems there. I don’t know if an object and dock to an object that is in hyperspace, if that happens. Can you dock a shuttle to another shuttle? I really doubt you can, but the concept was optimistic. Having both the sci shuttle, and a departmental shuttle, Science could leave the station and scan monsters for research, bomb lavaland for ore, or other asteroids. This idea doesn’t really incorporate Exploration, but they could also be like the sci shuttle. Maybe all three shuttles exist in a small fleet, with the main sci department being the main ship, explo the secondary, and the sci shuttle just a small transport ship. anyhow, on the right of the ship is RDs office, with lamarr at the top. Below RDs office is nanites, and next to it is RnD proper.

I really liked the idea, and I’ll hold onto these and maybe come back to them later. I don’t know how to map make, but maybe I’ll look into learning at some point.

There are a lot of pretty glaring issues that make the concept really hard to pull off. I’m not very good at bloating stuff, so the map doesn’t have any maint in the concepts. I mean there are the engine rooms on the ships, which you could for sure put some maint loot in, but there isnt a maint proper. I guess the answer would just be putting maint surrounding the non dock parts of the station, and between security and cap, and cargo and HoP. Maints play an important role, but I also think that less maints usually leads to less frustration with stuff like silently getting killing in maint and then stuffed in a locker and welded into a wall.

Each Department being a shuttle would present a number of problems. How do midrounds spawn? will they spawn on the shuttles? Should they? Blob can’t move its core onto shuttles, so that’s a problem. I think you could solve that by making it so shuttles with blob tiles on them can’t move, they get glued in place. Then other departmental shuttles could bail out, but the ones that get grabbed before they get away are stuck until they can get cut loose. But on the other hand, if all the shuttles run away, its a game loss. Each Department being a shuttle could result in cool events though, if some midrounds COULD spawn on them even when they weren’t docked. Imagine the Science shuttle went silent for a while, and it docks, and their radios crackle back onto the common radio frequence. Every died to xenos, and the only survivor tried to flee back to the station but accidentally dragged a ton of xenos to the station. But, then again, Ore Silo access would be really annoying if it got cut every time your department left the Z level. You could put departmental lathes onto the dock, or each shuttle could have its own Ore Silo, and they simply requisition some from Cargo during the shift, or obtain it themselves.

I would like the docks to be universal, or at least semi universal. Easy to use. Maybe make it like default escape shuttle docks for each dock, and each shuttle has to fit that somehow with at least 1 air lock. The current designs don’t really care about that, but it would be funny if 2 departments were arguing because one department took the other departments parking spot.

The Chain of Command would be weird with this set up. I would like to think the map comes with some lore. the Captain of the Dock is effectively the Dock Manager. Anything that is directly part of the dock, and anything that goes on inside of the dock, is his responsibility. He would be encouraged to help organize the shuttles, keep track of where they are, and what they are doing in local space, or keep an eye out for syndicate activity, all depending on what the dock actually ends of having as part of it directly. For example, if sec is part of the dock, then sec reports to the Captain. But if Sec is a shuttle, then sec is semi independent. They stop crime in local space, the space station included. The Captain is in-charge of local space, but the seccies aren’t directly under him. Any Heads that captained shuttles would be pseudo mini captains. In the current layout, with Service as a shuttle, I like to think that the shuttle has been there for some time, and HoP is actually the service shuttle captain who is semi promoted at the dock to HoP, which is why he has service and cargo.

Well, this is really really long and rambly, which makes sense I suppose. Maybe those concept drawings were incomprehensible to anyone but me. Maybe literally no one cares. I mean, asking someone to read all of that is asking a lot honestly. Like I mentioned somewhere else in this essay of a post, I don’t know how to map, so this is basically just a fantasy for me right now. I think it could be a really cool and unique map design even if the shuttles couldn’t move. I’m worried that this is kind of too long and too rambly to come across as reasonable, but I’ve already written it and while I can unwrite it, that would be however long it took to write this shit wasted, and I think the idea is worth at least entertaining.

If you have any ideas around this concept, such as suggestions, critiques, additions, or your own take on it, feel free to throw them in. If you actually read the whole thing, then maybe you think its a cool idea too.


I had a very similar thought ages ago and began mapping it out, the concept was that this station wasn’t mainline Nanotrasen but subcontractors hired out who brought their own craft for their job, with certain quirks depending on the company. The funny meme was going to be plasmaman engineering But there are some fundamental problems you can’t really get around.

  1. You have to make each departmental shuttle look good and unique (harder than it sounds)
  2. Each department is now semi-self sufficient just by the fact of being a shuttle, this means it has its own power and atmos systems
  3. No maintenance. You can’t really link maints to this easily, the way around it I had was to make each shuttle land on a “landing pad” z-level, with ladders in departments to a maints z-level.
  4. You could easily partake in a little tomfoolery by launching the shuttle and fucking off to the corner of the map, inconveniencing everyone else.
  5. Difficulty inter-connecting departments. Mashing ships right next to each other looks ugly, but having an airlock on both sides plus a hallway makes for some thicc ass stations.

These concerns were some of the major reasons I stopped plotting it out past the basics, that and the fact we started adding new maps like crazy.

I somewhat disagree. Every Department has different needs, and as a result, the shuttle will be different. but it doesnt have to be insane. It just has to fit its stuff in it. If you don’t care about universal docking ports, then you can not only fit it together however you feel like, but you don’t have to worry about making it dock right if the map is made for it.

I suggest getting around this by still providing power through engineering, which would then still connect to the shuttles. They would need that power to function, since most departments don’t have regular access to pacman generators. Engineering would also be providing the air and fuel for these shuttles. In my manifesto above, I mention that I think the ships should start with no plasma in their tanks, and Engineering should produce plasma to put into them using the SM. Engineering is effectively the refueling team in this case. Their job is to repair, fuel, and maintain the shuttles that are currently docking with them. which i guess i should mention:

My maps internal lore isn’t the same. All of the shuttles are mainline NT passing through the area for one reason or another. The Science Shuttle is there to research the planet, and the Service shuttle was passing through a long time ago but ended up basically being a gas station fast food place, and the Medical Shuttle just roams around helping people usually, but in this case its actually picking up new employees at this particular docking location. I kind of want to make Sec slightly smaller, but also its own shuttle. Then round start department seccies are actually part of their shuttle, not the separate sec team, but they are all technically under NT, but its more like local police versus the Feds.

I’ve had some of my own ideas about this. I think if the dock has some actually integrated departments, like my version had engineering, security, cargo, and bridge all be part of the main station, then you can easily bloat those parts of the station a ton for maints. I wish I could easily throw a mock version of this together so i could have some level of size reference. I can’t tell how practical some of the sizes of things are sometimes. You might be able to put some maints on the shuttles themselves even, though very very little. I would say access to space ruins might invalidate the need for maints on the shuttles themselves, though I do think that there should be a small amount of maint loot in some lockers or something in the thruster area of the shuttles. Another idea for maints is doubling down on the refueling idea and having refueling arms from the dock be attached to the ship, maybe along the docking hallway, or maybe somewhere else for extra maints. Plus that would let you put the refueling spot on any shuttle in specific spots for the refueling arms.

thats an ahelp problem. Ideally though, the shuttle controls have some level of limits on them, and I have already proposed my “start with no fuel” thing. I also think the amount of plasma that atmos starts with should be lowered as well, because you don’t want them to fuel up to fast. I don’t know the specifics of supercruise, but I am pretty sure the bigger the object is, the more fuel it takes to move it, and the more engines it takes to move it faster. So these shuttles guzzle fuel. I would Ideally like to have them have pretty big fuel reserves once entirely fuel, but that would be pretty far into the game. Once a shuttle is stuck, another shuttle can come and rescue it. Perhaps with security officers aboard their vessel. Plus the shuttle controls would be locked behind Head of [Department] access, so it wouldnt be easy to just fuck with.

Hmm… you might have some point there… I think that if you wanted to really just… not deal with that, you could use tiny fans and have single door air locks. They could just extend out one extra tile, but it would also be a tiny fan. I think you could probably manage, though. Based on the design i made, plus a few I can sort of picture in my head, I think you could probably make it still look pretty nice. It might look like a thicc ass station, but that would just be part of its charm. It is a more industrial station itself, as a refueling dock. It fits the theme.

Yeah that’s valid. I’ve had this idea since before that, but I really didn’t put as much thought into it before. I don’t really know why I suddenly did now.

Also because I forgot to talk about it but then remembered but couldn’t fit it into the previous flow of information without disrupting the entire thought.

This again. While I did mention how I would make the shuttles still need the dock, I do actually think that their comms should be in house, and then the Dock itself houses the Common comms and NTnet.

And you know, this isn’t really untrue now. I know I don’t play right now, but I am sure its the same as ever. If you really didn’t want to, you didn’t need to leave your department. I could spend all shift in science, without leaving even once. I could get cameras and a BSRPED and upgrade every machine on the station from the comfort of the science lobby, between farming slimes and doing nanites. I could sit at a genetics computer for… however long that takes these days. Do literally nothing but a repeat prettty boring puzzle, and never talk to anyone and never leave medbay. Botany, Robotics, Engineering, Atmos, Exploration, Mining, a lot of jobs don’t need anyone else, and spend a lot of time in their own department. Giving each department an SMES and a refillable tank of air isn’t a drop in an ocean. I would say my biggest complaint is that if you buy a power sink, you are shit out of luck. you can only sink one ship, or the dock itself while the ships have reserve power. Power is extremely decentralized. The Shuttles to not produce power themselves for the most part, though they could if they wanted to I guess. a practical science could make their Toxins through a TEG. But regardless, I think that its not a real problem.

Actually, lets see.

  1. Fair enough, but I think its doable.
  2. Not a real problem, plus if it was its solved
  3. Maybe fixable depending on the dock, somewhat made up for by space ruins
  4. Admin problem, Command Access Required, Fuel restriction, Potential Time restriction
  5. Being Thicc could be thematically appropriate for the map, but I also see some ways around the problem too.

I really think that you can really make up for a lot of the down sides with new and interesting upsides. Its not unique in the way other maps might be. Its got its own identity, its own feel. Something not like the other stuff. I think the potential experience of this map could be really cool.

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Me and my miners quietly waiting for medbay to redock at the station so that we can stop bleeding to death. It’s an interesting gimmick but I can’t see any practical purpose for allowing entire departments to fuck off into space

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Same for me. Honestly this seems like shitter bait, if any rando can easily sabotage the station like this

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When I saw the name, I was thinking “CentCom Station?” but then I saw the layout. Good idea though!

Valid concerns. I still argue that fuel limitations, and time restrictions if need be, would be valid ways to address this kind of problem. I think the the issue of “shitters” is a different kind of issue, which ultimately would fall on the admins.

I also suppose I never addressed a specific aspect about the shuttles that I would like to ideally include. There would probably be a traffic control style room connected to the primary command area, to the AI satalite (or whatever happens with the AI), or to core dock comms. This Traffic Control room would have no internal camera, preventing the AI from accessing it whenever it likes without external intervention. Each Console would be capable of viewing orbits, and recalling the shuttles. Ideally, these wouldn’t be able to just pilot the shuttles normally, only allowing for a recall function during a red alert, and a view orbits button to track the object. I, personally, think that it would be a neat addition if the consoles were able to be emagged, allowing a short period of full control over the selected shuttle. Since I’m talking about the shuttle consoles, I think that it would be interesting if during the emergency launch, each individual shuttle launched, either docking at a custom made micro CC dock, or simply staying in hyperspace on arrival. Each shuttle could individually be hijacked by syndies, or other entities.

I think that an important step in conceptualizing the idea is deciding exactly which departments SHOULD be allowed to fuck off into space, and how much of the department? While I’ve only drawn anything for the stuff in this thread, I’ve thought about this station idea for a pretty long time. I mean, its been cooking.

Every single department CAN be turned into a shuttle. You could turn the entire actually station into maybe a few lines with air locks. There is actually some merit to this design, too. If you minimize the core station, you can expand the shuttle department sizes. With less restriction on space means you could potentially integrate one or two medium sized random maint rooms, and include maint halls throughout the shuttles, solving the maint issue. This, of course, means that there is an increased likelihood some someone need something while that something has fucked off into the void, and then everyone on it got killed or space or something stupid. If this happened to engineering, then there is no more air or power for the rest of the fleet, besides maybe emergency onboard Pacman or something. But a single pac with no upgrades is going to struggle to power and entire department for long. So ideally engineering is part of the station, doing what theyve always done.

If the idea of having every department be some kind of shuttle, but those issues are still needing to be solved, you could also make it so that each department HAS a shuttle, but also has a smaller station side area, usually containing protolathes and circuit printers. This would prevent my own personal biggest roadblock, the ore silo versus z levels, and also balance the concept with something more traditional. Effectively, you would have each department be semi normal, but sort of crunched up and smaller, and then something similar in the shuttle. Many departments allow for multiple roles in the same subdepartment, like 2 chemists, and those two could split between station side and shuttle side.

Along the same line of thinking, the most drastic compromise would be to simply give each department access to a shuttle, which really means just giving medbay, service, and engineering shuttles round start. Service doesn’t really matter that much either, I just liked the food truck thing. I know taylor said the thing about waiting for medbay but imagine like this. You are a miner and you are pretty fucked up. Its gonna be hard to get back to the station. and the medics land out there and get you. Its like vet clinic but good.

Aside from those kinds of changes, you can also pick and choose which departments to shuttle-ify. You can pick how much of each department gets the treatment.

Should Sec be allowed a shuttle? Well, they already have the gulag shuttle, this would just be like making that swallow security. I doubt it would leave very often, unless sec was actually using it for something, or someone was attempting some sabotage of some kind. But you could also make sec part of the station, as normal. It would make sense from a gameplay perspective, since it would fix any potential misreading of their relationship with the dock captain.

Should Medbay be allowed a shuttle? I can’t imagine they would go too hard with it. Remember that the console is already requiring the appropriate command access. So theoretically only the CMO or the Captain would be readily capable of flying it at a moments notice. The CMO should in theory be working with their staff, so no one should be caught unaware if they DO leave, but they also probably wouldn’t leave for very long. It also wouldn’t not make sense for the dock to have an internal medical bay.

Should Science be allowed a shuttle? Yes. . . . . Okay well where science is doesn’t really matter that much. They already have the science shuttle, and the biggest crime in the science department is that no one uses it except exploration players trying to circumvent the fuel system, or a player who has a very specific, usually one person, plan. I want the whole science department to be working around space. Exploration isn’t enough. In fact, I propose moving all of science into exploration. While it would probably be for the best if we kept Xenobio on station for latency reasons, since moving a massive number of slimes and/or monkeys during transit could lag the game. I don’t know, though. I’m not a professional. Robotics would be cool on a shuttle. I know because I’ve built shuttles before. I’ve built micro stations a few times in game as golems before, along with several different shuttle designs as golems, as crew, and as an admin ghost thing. Science fits pretty well into a shuttle, besides toxins and xenobio, but thats only because xenobio is hard to set up so I’ve never done it on a shuttle personally, since time is short in an actual round and mining and then constructing an entire science shuttle is really time consuming. The only really big issue, as with all of the shuttles, is the ore silo. I’ll talk about that briefly at the end of this bit.

Should Service be allowed to have a shuttle? No, probably not. Service is a department that would be funny to have an entire shuttle dedicated to, but its the least practical since service is barely a department. I did still design one though, which isn’t terrible. Its not good, but its not terrible.

Should Cargo get a shuttle? I don’t think so personally, because they have to manage the cargo cc shuttle already. I don’t know that you can dock shuttles onto other shuttles, though it would be cool. I mean you could land them with their docks connecting, but its not the same. The mining shuttle also provides this issue, while also already being a shuttle that can go anywhere and needs no fuel while also being cargo accessible. Therefore, cargo is an internal company mail and mining system.

Engineering? I don’t see why not. They could build in space. But not a full shuttle department. I think that the SM and atmos need to be core station. The shuttle itself would be like an emergency repair craft maybe? Or just a general repair craft thats stopping at the dock. Regardless, if chemistry explodes, and medbay has a hole on it, you can fly the entire repair ship over to it, and move between the ship that needs repairing and the ship that has your resources quickly to fix the damage. You could even do this to ships that get damaged while undocked. Should engineering get bored, they could also take it to go harvest metal from old stations or build new stuff out there.

Finally, Command. No. I don’t think they should get a shuttle, because several heads besides the captain have shuttles. The captain is the captain of the dock, so he doesnt need one.

Also, on the ore silos, I think the addition of a device that connects to an ore silo, or devices like itself, that allows the relay of ore silo info across z levels. It would be late game tech, probably in the same tier or area where telecomms are. Functionally, its the same as the telecomms z level relay, just instead of for comms, its for ore silos. That would be cool, and also work really well with this concept. mostly unrelated besides solving my biggest ship issue.

Much like everything else, this went on longer than I planned. I hope i addressed some level of the concerns.

I feel like this could open up to cargo needing to physically go to a special “warehouse” station where ordered items will appear. So pretty much a tech would head over to a warehouse, move things over into the cargo shuttle (maybe bringing along a ripely to pick up all the crates in one load, and then move it back to cargo to be distributed.

Though as I’m typing and thinking, this is kind of the opposite of the planetary stations that people are designing. Could make people more anti-social while working and reduce player-to-player interactions. Also science would make most of the shuttles obsolete by just making quantum pads first thing.

One of the major issues is simply that the map already would require a large amount of specialization. The warehouse at which items would appear/disappear from would be another whole thing.

I see the merit to planetary stations, but yes. This is effectively the exact opposite of that. Its not even a real orbital space station, its just a all purpose shuttle dock. I don’t necessarily think it would make players more anti social. I think players, while working, would probably be more social with their local crew. The shuttles would preferably house their departmental comms, so they should get used to use them and their crewmates. This doesn’t mean they won’t socialize outside of there, however. The shuttles are, obviously, encouraged to work together, since they are all NT ships under current command of the dock captain. Most ships would likely not utilize the actual flight capacities until evac. That means they continue to interact with the shuttle. Also, Ore Silo access would be removed from the shuttle upon leaving. This is problem that I’ve been ruminating on since posting this. Regardless, that is incentive to remain docked until you have a reason to leave, at least for the ships that have little reason to leave, like service or medbay. I think player to player interaction would largely stay the same. While the format is different, it’s not really different.

I don’t want to ramble on again for too long, but quick side note, partly for myself. You could utilize the Ore Silo handicap in another way. I previously suggested some sort of ore silo z level relay, which might still be fine as telecomms level tech or higher. However, you could also simple keep it as is. then, if you leave, you have to ask for access or materials from QM, HoP, or Captain.

Also I think that its interesting that the planetary station thing is a thing at all. I mean then its just a research outpost. I’ve always been a big space person, so I find the space side of the game more interesting than the planet side stuff most of the time. Not that I don’t have my fair share of hours in Lavaland Spawns but thats mostly just goofin for me. Unga bunga as ashie or whatever. Honestly the thing that makes me want to make this deep down is simply that science has the science shuttle, but never uses it. Exploration was a take on a method of solving the issue of science and space. I’m not satisfied. I want more space stuff, and have it easier to access. Building a shuttle takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort. Even a mid sized one takes a ton of ore. I want easy access to space at all times because its a SPESSMAN GAME

I can’t see this working out as a group of shuttles for each department. A station that functions as an oversized shuttle could be cool and slightly more possible but the lag and code changes thatd have to made for it to work for very little payoff or reason would be enough to put bacon in a coma

Aren’t there already entire servers dedicated to this?

there may well be, but that is a different code base. best case scenario would be if they are using modified TG code. Porting would take time, would be tedious but would be doable. If it’s a different code base, then porting would either take a whole lot more time, or would have to be rewritten from scratch.

This could work if the department shuttle consoles could only be accessed by the heads of staff. maybe add a secondary undock permission thing? (Similar to the red alert. requiring atleast two heads to give the go-ahead to undock)

Probably best to make a separate shuttle console instance that ISNT sabotagable.

What if you keep it simple and make it so every department is its own spaceship for esthetic purposes only? Or can only undock during delta level alert? Or have the gimmick be, no emergency shuttle. Random department is selected to serve as shuttle?

Something simpler yet tasteful! Sometimes when we reach for the moon we never quite get to finish something!



Then we have a maint ship with just maint inside.
A bit like the manga Blame! maybe were an AI went crazy automaticaly building stuff on earth and its entirerity became a mega structure without much sense to it and not really livable, a bit like SCP-1678 Under London.
Anyway just me thinking about what i find to be cool ideas.
But yeah the round dynamic in such a map would be way too different for us to know in advance how to make it good for bee’s player base.

Ooo you should read Yokohama Station SF if you like Blame! and SCP-1678

I am certainly not adverse to scaling back. I’ve been willing to go all the way to just an aesthetic purpose in theoreticals before. It would be cooler if it worked on some level, not even complicatedly, just on some level at all.

You could always make it so that the Control Tower instances aren’t breakable. But yeah consoles on accessible by head of staff. There would be no reason to let others use them. The undocking double confirmation is a good idea, actually. You could have one outside on the dock, and one inside the shuttle. Maybe the extra swipe is executed through the control tower area with the recall controls in it. It could be a multi purpose shuttle tracking console.

I get both of those references. I like unlondon, but I couldn’t get over how people looked in Blame! Its an art style of ages passed these days.

That’s what test merges are for.


i wonder how far along you could get with, rather than a refueling depot, making the core ‘station’ in the image of a derelict or a compacted hulk of several large ships. idea being that you could reasonably get maintenance tunneling and other fun stuff involved while still depriving the station of all the core functionality carried by the shuttles themselves. then again, every round being a restore-the-derelict-then-immediately-shuttle-call might suck.


This isn’t a terrible idea either. With the idea of departmental shuttles being the theme of this concept, it doesn’t HAVE to be a fuel depot. It can be anywhere ships might dock, for any reason. Your suggestion is actually pretty easy to work with across the board, both the mass of interconnected shuttles, and the idea that you could use a maint like area as the core instead. Consider this: NT employs a small fleet of specialized local space ships, or shuttles, to research a primary thing of interest, or just the system at large, always spawning in a tight interlocked group, or around the object of interest in some way. You could also make the ships a decent size if this were the case, this the Ships themselves would be the main map. There is, of course, the issue with the Ore Silo.

You could abandon the idea of actually functional shuttles entirely, and keep it as a small fleet of shuttles that are interlocked. With this idea, you can really go wild with pure aethestics while not having to worry about ship functionality, or having too many or too few ships, as long as they connect in some way to the main mass. However, in practice, this makes it barely even a gimmick map, and basically just a normal generic map that tried to look pretty. I don’t really like Kilo that much, but i guess thats not really because it tries to look nice, but just because its small and not good and the space maints are never used and thusly, worthless space waste. I would prefer that the idea remain fun, functional, and nice looking, in that order.

But thats exactly why this thread even exists. I think feedback on the concept is good, and so far I have found no feedback given in this thread unhelpful.