Static item slots for chemistry satchel

You know when you take an item out of your bad and put ir back in again, it gets put in all the way to the right? I’ve been thinking, what if the slots for the chem satchel (not bag) were static, as if the satchel has cup holders inside of it?

You take an item out of slot 2, slot 2 remains empty even if there is an item in slot 3.
Put ingredient 1 in slot 1 , 2 in 2 and the empty bottle where the product will go in in slot 3.
Take bottle 1 out, use it on 3 and put it back in one. This will make it easy to produce a large quantity of a chem like SF.

Also add a button to the satchel or when you activate it sets all bottles within to transfer 5u, 10u etc. all at once.
I do this with SF on a table already, but one single recipe takes a hell of a lot of space already and I somewhat often misclick.
Even though I do not mind producing chems, I feel many chemists feel it’s boring or too tedious to make a large amount of medicine or SF, so this satchel will remedy that problem.
Also, if you fill every bottle with 100u chems, then you can easily mix the exact ratios without having to subtract and waste chems.

What are your thoughts on this? I think it’s a very nice idea.

Bump because 6 hours with no likes or reply

who tf uses chemistry satchel

No one, that’s why I thought It’d be perfect for this. It doesn’t mess with the bags and instead turns an otherwise useless item in which no one uses into an extremely useful and robust item if used properly.

I’m not sure what you mean with this. Is this for the chem satchel that’s a backpack reskin, or it it for the chemistry bag in the Chemdrobe, that picks up and stores pills, patches, and bottles and transfers them to the smartfridge?

Your idea would need a rewrite of backpack code to handle this, when you can just use science goggles to keep track of beaker contents. Use tables and the chemmaster to mix big batches, and it’s usually easier to mix multiple smaller batches or just one, because you don’t need huge amounts of most medicines. Medical belts hold large beakers, and you can upgrade chemmasters by deconstructing and reconstructing with large beakers.

I do like the idea of setting transfer amounts more easily, there should be a hotkey for that.

No, it’s the satchel. When you take out the first item, and put it back in, it goes all the way to the right of the bag, not keeping it’s location. I’d like it be so that when you take one out, you can put it back in the same slot again, remembering it’s location.
I’d imagine this can be done by deleting whatever makes the items in the satchel shift to the left if an item is taken out, and making each slot clickable with an item or beaker to put it in. Maybe make it like a button that you usually have in the top left and then checking if you got anything in your active hand once you click on it and puts that in it’s slot, updating it’s icon to that of the item with reagents inside.
I don’t know much about coding though, so this might be more difficult than I think it is.

That sounds like an awful lot of work for what can be done by simple act of remembering and wearing science goggles if your memory is failing.

It’s to keep keep bottles in a certain spot so you can quickly grab them and pour them together without getting mixed up while wasting less chems and not having to keep subtracting stuff to fit it in one bottle, not for remembering recipes.

I meant remembering the positions of your bottles.

If you want to do several recipes in one bag or want to do it fast it can get rather confusing, but it’s also about not having to account for constantly switching bottles which would be very annoying.

I understand what you mean by this, but it’s likely going to require some very fundamental code rewrite to get it to work this way. And it would represent such a deeply rooted difference in code compared to other servers, that it would probably make porting certain future code changes next to impossible.

Alright, that’s a shame, thanks though!