StackerRobot banned by rukofamicom

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Both LRP and MRP
Which server did the ban happen on?
Sage (MRP)
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
WGW over comms.
Appeal Reason:
Noticed another playing doing it by distributing written texts and wanted to IC get them arrested. Want to not be appealed immediately, but appeal for a compromise of shortening my ban period to a month or two.
Additional Information:
Was playing comms agent, was trying to stir chaos between the Security crew and the chef, who allegedly hung WGW posters around. Thinking it would be okay if I posted the first line of it with a Swedish mock accent, posted the first line with the accent in the Security channel after discussing it with my fellow syndicate base folks as an attempt to get him arrested for stealing headsets or something of that nature.
In the moment, seeing how the Chef was still going around distributing these papers, I thought this was okay, so I proceeded by poking the bear over in the Security channel.

I now am aware this was going against rulekey R2:1 & 7 by pasting these first lines of the copy pasta. Don’t want to be appealed immediately honestly, but permanent ban doesn’t sit very well with me. I’d be okay with a month or two out.

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Oh damn, I thiiiiink I messed up the character name. But I.P.J. is my casual character, but sadly forgot the character name I had as a comms agent, sorry :confused:

Youre short of luck man if this is a real perma ban, as its only appealable 1 year after ban, ruko were just active like 20 minutes ago, hope you get your response soon

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Oh yeah, it’s fine though. It can wait, I heard Ruko was going to bed.
And good to know about the 1 year after ban thing, wasn’t familiar. oops, thanks for the info.

Thats why if you want to joke about ero content stuff you do it in discord :smile_cat:
If it isnt too horrible the worst you can get is a trip down the salt mine, but if you do it in game, you can get a real instant perma for ero content like that

Ah yea ruko sleep around this hour, well maybe other admin can process this too

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I should in general chill more in the discord, that place is actually cozy.
Too bad I never have my discord open, while I am playing.

Unless our stance on erotic content changes, this ban will not be appealable until a year has passed. I wish you the best until that time is up (or we undergo policy change).

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