Squid Thread

inb4 wyci

Squid ideas that hope to make them a more complete race that’ll never happen because this is the forums.

Removed features:
Direct salt weakness (this is implemented later don’t worry)

New pros:
-Doubled defib timer to 30 minutes
-New heart organ, conjoined heart, which has double the health (easier to code than two hearts i think)
-Cleans tiles they walk over

New misc attributes:
-New brain organ, three-lobed-brain, with a lowered threshold for brain traumas of all kinds.
-New blood type, Elder Oil, that has a few chemical reactions
-Can absorb chemicals from the ground by walking over them (they go directly into the bloodstream)
-Optionally does not metabolise normal blood, preventing gaining toxins or diseases from injections

New cons:
-Medical doesn’t start with any elder oil
-Reduced blood regeneration
-Metabolises mannitol into histamine, and otherwise has no effect
-Takes x2 damage from acid (could just be 1.5 burn if this is too hard to code)

Chemical Reactions of Elder Oil:
-1 Elder Oil + 1 Water = 1 Synapatzine
-1 Elder Oil + 1 Salt = 2 Elder Acid
-2 Elder Oil + 1 Welding Fuel = 1 Oil

Effects of Elder Acid
-Heals 1 brain damage each tick
-Makes you druggy and hallucinate
-Deals 0.5 burn damage to a random limb each tick
-Is, in fact, an acid, and will melt things it’s thrown on

With any luck, these changes should make squids somewhat unique, with a few narrow benefits and a number of wider drawbacks. This is mostly just ideasguying though.

are you aware that reagents don’t react with the person’s actual blood?

yes, but i apparently forgot to mentioned they would metabolise as such. The reactions are for external use, IE handing out synaptazine after an SM explosion

removing the salt weakness makes little sense as the race are squids and squids hate salt think it actually hurts them in real life to but not sure

Because realism is what SS13 is all about :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s got things partially based on realism and I never said it’s all about realism just it makes sense even lore wise that a squid race would have a weakness to salt and to remove that makes no sense

the salt weakness was meant to be reworked into a chemical reaction that occurs within their bodies.
yes i understand a race with particularly thin skin would dry up in the presence of salt.
but i don’t care.