Squid buff is really needed

Hello one of the few actual squid players here.
i have been thinking about race balance and i have come to the conclusion that.
squid are by far the worst race with no concrete upsides. let my lay it out
can eat raw meat
can change color
can not eat anything else than meat
takes a good amount of burn damage from salt (feel free to make the jokes)
can not wear footwear (thus you get fucked by glass shards or anything else that deals damage if you step on it)

if you see here the upsides and the downside have a clear imbalance. for example what is the most common cure fore being sick? salt! what happens during combat? windows break and glass shards are put on the ground. what does the chef make most of the time? food that has somewhere in there something else than raw meat! so as a squid you.

  1. dont get sick as the cure will deal burn damage
  2. dont get into figths or be in maint or the central coridors after a certain point
  3. constantly try to find supplies of raw meat as usually the chef does not put slabs of it on the counter.
  4. stay away from any eventual saltpiles

for all of this you get…
a funny sound when you grab people and the ability to change color.

this is why squid desperately need a buff. I have talked to people on discord and we came up with something like this

  1. tox damage when punching (like ethereals and burn punches)
  2. small brute and burn resists ( you know wet skin and no bones)
  3. a small slip resist (no immunity but slightly harder to slip)

please give your own input but it is unquestionable that the squid need a buff.

also do not mention the “ventcrawl when naked” it does not work and it is a stupid ability so if it worked it should probably be removed any way and even with it suposedly being there no one played squid.

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but uh you oculd jsut play moth you know it’s awy better

Does moth have special grabbit sound efect

no but when you scream in pain it sounds different so ha

That has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Please stick to the pepole who need buffs.

You can vent crawl as a squid. You have to be completely stripped though, but it’s something.

Granted, I would never pick a race with yet another stun vulnerability, (made a similar thread on moths and flash bulbs).

I said it doesn’t work

Set up a private test server and tried when completely naked


Not even a prompt that “You got to many clothes on”

Squid can’t ventcrawl and if they could it would be a stupid ability and it should be removed and replaced with something more balanced.

Oof, I missed that. I’m fine with the damage resist, but I don’t think squids should do toxin, and i’m not even sure how slip resist would work. However, considering they break their legs on glass, making them immune to some other forms of slip (I was thinking water from fire ext) would be fine.

The idea of tox punch came from squids rl hunting strategy where they use the suction cups on their tentacles to inject neurotoxin into the prey to remove their ability to fight back.

Injecting a sedative while agro grabbing would be really op so we went with toxin punch instead.

Fair enough. I wouldn’t make it pure toxin though (you’re still getting punched). If I recall correctly, a punch does 5 damage, so if toxin damage did get added to their punches, i’d say make it 2.5 brute and 2.5 toxin.