Sprite poll

On a scale of 1-10, how welcoming are you to changing the sprites, if at all?

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Personally I think a resprite isn’t needed, it’s just gonna cause mass exodus

I think it will actually attract people hungry for pretty pixels

Like, some of my friends considered playing, but when they saw the style of the game they said it was ugly, too simple, way too blocky.

I have a feeling this resprite won’t fix that I believe

is there some odd voting range we can get to have It reverted


Besides, having a more unified and distinct style is a positive change.

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how is it unified with the rest of bee doe?

It’s a process. Getting all the tools on the same page is a good starting point.

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ss13 sprites are made by hundreds of different people troughout a decade with each of them having a different artstyle, unifying it all into one artstyle is what he meant.

I’m still in the “getting used to them phase”. They’re more noisy then the original sprites and I’m not a fan but i’ll probably get used to em.

Im gonna lock this poll tomorrow.

I still think they’re ugly but like the yellow as reference to beestation. Still think they’re too noisy and the crowbar/wrench look too simmilar

I dont know how to lock this fucking thread.