Spongerei banned by Fighterslam

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Game ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
I threw explosive lemons at an Engineer who stole the Booze-o-mat board and components, and I initially lied upon the knowledge that I did not know about the lemons abilities
Appeal Reason:
I take full responsibility for the ban. That is literally all I can think instead of fabricating lies and making an entire essay on why I should be unbanned
Additional Information:
Fighterslam I appreciate that you still gave me a appeal chance that I should write this in a year.


Welp you still need to wait a year for an appeal to get accepted.

If you are looking for a server it’s not hard to find (NSV please someone populate that server)

isnt that If youre banned in Bee youre banned in nsv?

No my friend is banned from bee servers but plays NSV normally?

Oh NSV, literally barotrauma scenario but SS13, which I like.

This is most likely perma till appeal ban

Please state the ban reason ad verbatim.


Appeal Reason is where you put your perspective.

No, Ruko (before he retired) specifically requested I make this ban on his behalf and make it perma, appeal in one year.

Adding context to the above, this was requested specifically because of the lying to cover their ass when admin bwoinked them.

They had explosive lemons they shouldn’t have, decided they wanted to get lethal revenge on someone over something petty, threw several explosives at them and then when questioned about it tried to play dumb and act like they didn’t know what the lemons did.

Since this ban explicitly states that the appeal should happen in a year, its clearly not just a “yeet to forums” type ban.
As such…
->come back 2022/09/11
->Bring a vouch from a reputable server that you have (at that time) significant recent playtime with