Spinspinspin banned by notashark

CKEY: spinspinspin

Admin’s CKEY: notashark

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: game?

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 37792

Ban Reason: “Extreme LRP and Hostitlity towards other players. Aggresive and uncooperative in the ticket. Sorry but i simpply cannot assume you are here in good faith, the banned account history does not help either. Please take a year to calm down. you can appeal this on the forums then -auth by Crossedfall”

Appeal Reason: I’d done literally nothing wrong when I was boinked. There were xenos on the station so I asked for muts from the geneticist. They said ask CMO, so I did. CMO approved, and let me into the gene lab. Then the geneticist chimped out and pushed me out of the room, saying that the CMO never approved or let me into the room (which happened right in front of them). For no reason, this moderator decided to ask me some dumb shit like “what exactly happened between me and the geneticist” so I explained that. When this moderator realized that he was bothering me with literally no rules broken, he tried to force me to either admit that I was wrong and had done something wrong by going through the proper channels to try to protect myself, or he would ban me for “not roleplaying” because I jokingly said as a xenomorph that I “need my dick sucked”. Yeah, I was hostile in the admin pings, because I was being pinged without having broken any rules, from a mod on a power trip.

Additional Information: There is absolutely nothing against the rules in any of the stuff that I did. Permanently banning someone without even being able to say that they broke a rule (which he actually admitted in the bwoink) should be grounds for removing any moderator from their post.

Considering this ban was an action approved by Crossedfall, the server’s host, you have a snowman’s chance in hell of this being accepted on grounds of false charges. There’s either a lot more to this than you’re letting on, or it was authorized without being looked at, which is not something Crossed would do in my experience.

Sounds like it’s in violation of these:

The goal of our server is to immerse players in a fictional universe, enabling them to roleplay with each other. Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional; act like it. Have a sensible name, construct a character for yourself and behave as the character would, and avoid breaking the immersion.

Don’t be a dick.

is both a violation of the RP standards I mentioned above and also potentially falls under this rule for being needlessly obscene.

Content that is not explicitly erotic as defined under rule 6 but still makes people uncomfortable is prohibited.

Congratulations, this is also against the rules. Even in a case where an admin has made a mistake.

Just as admins are expected to remain respectful during tickets, so are players - do not take out your frustrations on the admins

Do not harass or insult admins in a ticket.

Admins work for free to keep the server a better place and give you somewhere to play. You are not entitled to playing here if you treat them like shit and this rule deserves to be enforced just as much as if you’re hassing players.

And then there is finally this rule:

Admins retain the authority to ignore the rules at their discretion when they feel it’s in the best interest of the current round or playerbase at large. However, they will be fully accountable for their actions should they choose to exercise this privilege.

Just because you bend the wording of a rule into a pretzel and don’t break the specific RAW (Rule As Written) does not mean you didn’t break the RAI (Rule As Intended). Rules are subject to interpretation and if an admin believes you broke a rule as it is intended to function, you can expect the same consequences.

Admins can do whatever they feel is necessary, regardless of the rules.

If you are deemed to be more of a hassle to deal with as a player than you’re worth, you will be removed. You already have one ban on record for being extremely difficult in ticket so I don’t find it a stretch to believe that this may have been what Crossedfall directed the Moderator to excercise.

Problematic, hostile players do not deserve the same chances as cooperative players. Again, you are not somehow entitled to being allowed to play here.

Just a quick reminder, the person that’s going to be reviewing this appeal… Is the moderator that banned you, so maybe don’t immediately start insulting the person who’s going to look at your appeal.
Been reminded that as a moderator they won’t be handling this. But its still a REALLY BAD IDEA to insult people on the moderation team.

That’s some pretty stupid logic. “This guy is allowed to ban you when you’ve broken no rules. You also have to beg him to be allowed to play again.” Please explain how this makes any sense? He literally admitted that I broke no rules, but banned me anyway because I didn’t take his offer to “see reason” meaning “admit that i’m wrong even though i hadn’t broken any rules to begin with.”

Your extreme hostility, not just in this ticket but in the past as well, is likely what led to this result. You’re being quite hostile in the ban appeal as well.

And again, from the fact it was authorized by Crossedfall, he was likely at least loosely overseeing it and made the final call on how long to make it even if you weren’t speaking directly to him.

How is it not a power trip when he literally admits in his own messages that I did not break any rules? He said I wasn’t roleplaying well enough for him, but his only example was something that was said long after the event that he originally harassed me about.

… again, this. Your case and punishment were not handled by only one person.

There is more to this somewhere.

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Man, I just do not understand this. Your moderator gave me a permaban after admitting that I didn’t break any rules, all because I didn’t kowtow when he made a mistake, and that’s somehow okay? There was no hostility on my side until he said I was “toeeing” the line on rule 7, which made literally no sense. Why are moderators allowed to harass people who have done nothing wrong, and then use their harassment as an excuse to ban them?

No, there isn’t. I’ve explained exactly what happened. He told me to “see reason” or be banned, after admitting that I had broken no rules, just because I called him out on his power trip. I do not comprehend the logic that would allow for a moderator to start harassing someone who had literally not done anything wrong, who had gone through all proper channels and then been denied for no reason, and say that they were in the wrong? There was no reason for him to harass me in the first place.

lmao bro you’re the one who’s bringing up something irrelevant. I was not bwoinked over that, that was something brought up when the admin realized that he’d bwoinked me for no reason. The admin is the one who made it about the geneticist. Maybe you shouldn’t pretend you understand a situation you clearly can’t process.

Again with needless hostility. Take it slow and chill before you respond to things like this.
Nobody expects you to “kowtow” as you put it, but you are expected to show some least basic respect in your interactions, even if you’re correcting someone.

They aren’t, they would almost certainly be demoted if this had happened and you reported them, but if they were talking to you about skirting against Rule 7, you were perceived as being unnecessarily hostile to other players in the round.

You could always request that the full ticket logs be posted - they will either exonerate or condemn you and are relatively easy to pull compared to other logs.

In any case, I can’t really say any more on this since I don’t know what actually happened in the round, ticket or otherwise; I only know that you’re known for being hostile due to ban history, and that you’re being needlessly hostile in the appeal as well which paints you in a pretty poor light.

Except I was the one being wronged in character? I had every right to be hostile when the geneticist told me to get permission from the CMO, then pushed me out of the room after CMO LED ME INTO THE FUCKING ROOM AFTER SAYING I HAD APPROVAL. If that’s not reason to be hostile in character then I don’t know what kind of logic you people run on.

This got needlessly hostile, there’s more than enough information here to resolve the appeal

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Self assign moment. I’ve gotten Shark’s blessing to take this appeal, and since Crossed is trying to take a small vacation he probably won’t be weighing in, at least not unless I really need him to.

Reading through the appeal and looking at initial pertinent information both from server telemetry and your behavior so far on the forums… I’m going to just quote Ruko because he said it well.

Denied following your, frankly childish, behavior on the forums and attitude towards staff in DMs and out.

This is an adults only community, if you can’t act like an adult, then you shouldn’t be here. Don’t come back.

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Well that makes life simple. Just for storing this if you decide to come back in a year (reference our permanent ban appeal policy) here is the round information: [2022-04-30 18:34:28.904] Starting up round ID 37792.