Spills, Labcoats, and You. The basics of laboratory safety

(I usually play on NSV, and made a suggestion there, but it’d probably be more appropriate to put it here, since this is the main branch or what-not.)


Don’t you hate just how hard it is to injure yourself in a work-place accident?

Are you sick of people leaving unknown chemical beakers on the floor all willy-nilly?

Don’t like that asshole chemist who didn’t give you space lube?

Well look no further!

What if, you got pushed/baton’ed with a beaker/cup in your hand, most of the contents would spill on you, some would spill on the pusher, and the rest would land on the floor.

Leave a beaker on the ground? People walking over it may knock it over and spill the contents onto their shoes and onto the ground.

This would give people a reason to wear their labcoats besides looking “cool” and having more room to store meth on their person.

Perhaps, mixing chemicals would have a minor chance to bubble and splash if they’re exothermic/heated up too fast?

I assume coding is a magical place where anything is possible, so it might be possible to make beakers get knocked over if you walk past and they’re too close to the edge?

Maybe it would be possible for spills to get into your eyes/arms, causing damage depending on the chemical. Goggles are important too!


Ehhhhhhh… Itd require

A) chem application minor edit.
B) snowflake code.

Because as of right now im pretty sure that if you get covered in any chemical it goes straight through your exosuit to the jumpsuit, so the labcoat really wouldnt help too much. Youd need to make it so that only the exosuit takes on chemicals when applicable.

Having chems bubble, vaporise, splash is cool and all, but i think it would largely just add a set of arbitrary obstacles solved by goggles gasmask combo, which is like, realistic and all but is largely unnecessary and not too much of an enrichment to experience.

Still cant believe that walking over a beaker doesnt spill or break it, smh.