Sphaxthegamer2323 banned by llol111

Title: Sphaxthegamer2323 banned by llol111


Admin’s CKEY:llol111

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Suspension

Ban Length: 30/10/2020 - 13/11/2020

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 30/10/2020

Round ID:23240

Ban Reason: “Opened a can of plasma in the commisary, which inevitably spilled out and flooded part of the hallways”

Appeal Reason: I feel like the ban shouldn’t apply to both servers but only LRP because, I made a huge misconception when it comes to LRP. I agree that the ban is deserved but the fact its both servers confuses me.
The mistake I made when it came to LRP was that plasma flooding isn’t bannable. I was under the now false assumption that plasma flooding only mad you valid on LRP. I had also only intended on the flood staying within the commisionary I do not wish for the ban to be totally lifted but instead for the ban on MRP to be lifted. because It was a mistake I made on LRP conduct not MRP conduct. Over the duration of the ban I will take the time to read the LRP conduct to prevent me from making false assumptions again.

Additional Information: in this post I’m not denying what I done was wrong but I Feel like the ban from both servers is just a bit extreme.

Plasma flooding isn’t allowed on either server which is likely why you got banned from both.

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LRP bans are nearly always bans from both. Anything that’s against the rules on LRP is also against them on the other server. MRP bans for breaking MRP-only rules should be the only local bans.

Rule of thumb is - if it’s against the rules on both servers, you get a ban from both servers. whether that’s always followed correctly is another story.

Alright then I guess that’s fair enough.

As has been pointed out by ruko and tyranical, bans for things that are not okay on either server will result in ban for both servers.
I understand you didnt /intend/ to grief, wich is why you only got banned for a week and a half.
Even gave you the chanche to get away with just a fat note if you somehow managed to keep it in just the comisarry, but we both knew that wasnt gonna happen hahaha.

Quite some things that are self antag on MRP just make you valid on LRP, like buying oh hi daniel.
Flooding is not one of them.

Sorry gamer, i’ll have to deny this.

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