Spess waifus

we all have a waifu or two

or in my case i have too many

do inform us of your space man waifus here

if we all embarrass ourselves, only then will we truly be equal

maybe you will find out someone has an uwu on you

if we are lucky we will have a magical moment where two people view each other as their uwu and that will be truly great :3

Whos your waifu? 20 character limit

We all know who the universally accepted waifu would be. No need to even say who

dimas valozk because ngl he kinda cute doe


Is this a ploy to get me banned for erp


well since i am the first one to be here after all, i think i should be responsible and elaborate

there was a time, long ago, back when i was a less honorable man, back when security roles were foreign to me, back when all i did was play QM

that was the era of the first uwu, perhaps the longest era of them all

sadly, the first uwu, kraizeral, “kainy wainy”, is simply gone, turnt to dust

they dont come around here anymore, except to summon 9 meteor storms at the beginning of an innocent IAA round

and then, in the midst of the first uwu era, that was when i was brought into the real admin chat, his inner circle, you know who im talking about

it was there that the deathrattle of the first uwu era was on the horizon, for i had met the second uwu

the epoch of the second uwu is one of the shortest, but arguably the fondest and closest one i can say

it was that round, on dimas-station, that i did it for the first time

the erp

yes, im sure you’ve heard about it from the alphamoon

i feel sorry for them now and the weight that they still have to bear from my fucking autistic rambling that you’re so familiar with

but the time of the second uwu was short and brief

it was after that moment that i realized that i was uwu-less, without an uwu to be sure of, to call my own

actually, to say that this period of time should be referred to as “the time of no uwu” would be a fib, a lie, for i had many uwus in this period of time, but none so firm and sure of as the previous uwus, or the future ones

the uwus of this period of time varied greatly, with little pattern, a dark ages, to put it in words

zesko, dallen, cenrus, kainy wainy (for another time), themrfox, lago, yuri, even you Moccha, as well as many more that i either choose not to say or have completely faded from memory and legend alike

erratic, and without destination, these uwus were

and then, i see a light on the horizon

the third great uwu

i think it would be responsible to not talk about ongoing events as if they were history, for my views would be biased and untrustworthy

i hope you have an uwu

after all, we all have an uwu

which is why we need to narrow down who it is in order to make sure who the universally accepted waifu is

to be real with you, yea kinda

cuban pete ngl he lookin mad thicc wit those non-maxcapped bombs

It’s beebot, any other choice is wrong. :honeybee:


yes yeah absolutely ngl

What in the blue hell are you even on about?

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cmo personal examination room time

bruh tator cmo gets free muzzle, handcuffs, morphine pill, and stunprod in erp room

what is your opinion on the mothpeople

deprive them of any glasses and then flash them to high hell


  • white faced cute insect people with wings and antennae
  • be the mary sue you always wanted to be with way too many color and wing themes to choose from
  • get a really cute neck fluff that acts as an indicator for when the straightjacket is properly on a shield for when you spill your soda
  • literally turn into toothpaste when you fuck up a door hacking
  • get a useless speech tag
  • your punches are slashes except they do no extra damage or have any kind of armor penetration
  • likes cheese
  • plays CMO a lot

mothpeople do make very good waifus, all in all i would not be surprised if you were one of mine, or someone elses


Dunno man, that sounds more like something i will say to justify the extermination of all moff people instantly.
But im still going to segregate and systematically exterminate the moff people with no justification needed. GLORY TO THE IMPERIUM AND DEATH TO THE XENOS!

idk the certain moffs who get a blue wing color are imitating cmo cloak and should promptly be shanked in the hallway

nah, CMO cloak got that one small item storage slot

the proper waifu cloak now has a genuine advantage

they still look slightly similar, so commence the shanking