SpearWill banned by zoom9337

Title: SpearWill banned by zoom9337

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type
Ban Length:
3 Days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
LRP; Bad says and accusing others of metagrudging/griefing OOC and IC with flimsy reasoning.
Appeal Reason:
I disagree with the admin on basically every metric so let’s go down the list. Lrp? How, why. I did my job, interacted with science and when I was accused of not doing my job out of the blue I defend myself, telling them I did all mining and that I scanned everything. Then for the entire shift they keep attacking my person, I try to get it resolved IC by contacting the captain first and then lawyer. I got literally 0 response so that’s fun. The only thing I admit that was lrp was saying "I don’t care about your dog shit opinion you griefer*, I shouldn’t have said griefer but considering just how bad they were I slipped.

I was hostile to them yes but he literally ruled them attacking me being an IC issue which I wasn’t but I won’t get into detail on that here since it’s in the report. So basically the only real offence I can tell is me calling them a griefed, which does warrant a 3 day ban, hell I am familiar with bee policy but I am pretty sure this just a note territory.
Additional Information:

Round ID was 45434, I’ve updated it

Also another thing, how is saying in an ahelp that they are griefing/metagruding against rules, even if I am wrong, I am not but let’s just pretend, why should I be punished for going to the person who is supposed to deal with that kind of stuff

from what I can see in the ban reason, the issue is not that you ahelped about it, but insulted them OOC and IC and LRPed IC

[2023-08-19 18:30:46.170] OOC: SpearWill/(SpearWill) “I do love it how that salty miner keeps calling me an asshole because I am more robust than him, his salt feeds me” (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2023-08-19 18:31:59.783] OOC: SpearWill/(SpearWill) “people dont seem to know what murderbone means” (start area (8, 174, 1))

Note: This was unprompted by nothing in logs, and was said 23 seconds after roundstart.
[2023-08-19 18:33:29.880] TCOMMS: SpearWill/(Loreto Cypret) [Supply] (spans: ) “Yes go cryo please!” (language: Galactic Common) (Mining Office (69, 161, 2))

This is the PDA message to the captain, they did not respond:
[2023-08-19 19:17:34.074] PDA: SpearWill/(Loreto Cypret) (PDA: to Sirio Zajcev (Captain)) “I want the qm and those miners demoted” (Lavaland Wastes (71, 215, 5))

The PDA message to the lawyer:
[2023-08-19 19:18:57.216] PDA: SpearWill/(Loreto Cypret) (PDA: to Damien Jenkins (Lawyer)) “I want to file a lawsuit against the miners and QM for harassment” (Lavaland Wastes (165, 126, 5))

Radio says later in the round:
[2023-08-19 19:19:34.005] TCOMMS: SpearWill/(Loreto Cypret) [Supply] (spans: papyrus ) “Can you stop being a salty griefer already.” (language: Galactic Common) (Lavaland Wastes (155, 66, 5))
[2023-08-19 19:19:44.564] TCOMMS: SpearWill/(Loreto Cypret) [Supply] (spans: papyrus ) “I genuinely dont care about your dog shit opinion and shit you make up.” (language: Galactic Common) (Lavaland Wastes (155, 66, 5))

The ban has already passed, but I would not have accepted an appeal if it was longer, Rule 7 and previous notes left me to escalate this to a ban.