Sparrow, Mu , Kess Lore feedback

Should I make a packet? Because I gotta admit this stuffs getting to be a lot for me and I made it.

  • Yes. Lore packet would be helpful.
  • Yes but only add known lore. Keep the spoilers hidden.
  • Yes with everything but hide the spoilers keeping them availiable.
  • No. I want to find it out through roleplay.

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It’s begun. I have a basic list of relevant characters and an outdated timeline.


You never truly realize how much story has been made until you decide to log the lore. I haven’t even started going through the txt docs on my laptop.

Decided on working on character sheets first rather than the timeline.

Updated Sparrow’s Character sheet:

If anyone wants lore added to the main document or help fleshing out their character’s backstory to any degree, lemme know! It could be as simple as figuring out how and why they got employed by NT or just deciding key personality traits and reasons for them.