SPACEPODS and space exploration plus new spawn

i request that space pods be added for space exploration, yogstation has spacepods why we cant? shouldn’t Beestation be superior to Youth Olympic Games station?
i also request that new ruins and challenges be added to space for explorers and a new spawn for ghost roles Youth Olympic Games station already has that is the private mining team that spawns in the abandoned shuttle which they go mining in asteroids and selling things in station

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I think new space ruins would be nice for whoever decides to throw themselves off the station in order to find stuff. Finding the white ship and other things is cool and all, but you can only do so much with the white ship. Maybe new ruins similar to the white ship (with the capabilities to dock themselves with the station itself) would give variety to spawns in space, and have more than just a spess medbay that can let anyone escape the station easily. More ruins akin to the kitty den would be cool too, just some areas where you can perform your own things, like chemistry and the likes. Being able to bring some cat ears and tails to the station in order to make everyone a felinid is always fun, but I feel having something else like that would be refreshing. Also, spess ruin puzzles would be cool.

The white ship differs depending on station. It’s only box afaik that has the shity medical ship. Meta has a cargo freighter with a fully fledged hydroponics bay for example which is so much funnier to play around in.

I know a little bit about mapping i would be interested in new space ruin ideas to add to the game.

We need to win the space race against those little shits from yog and this statement has nothing to do with me being banned from yog station but by my patriotism to this server

Invaders from a space ruin when? Would be a nice ghost spawner.

Space pods sound fancy too, but how would you access them? Obviously, curator would probably gray tide his way in, and what would these things have onboard? Would they have weapons, or just be transportation pods?

I think we should add the bluespace meggabecons from TG ( not shute about the name) that function as a waypoint that all ships can travel to. that way the charlie pepole can for example go get a ship from trade rout and move their things there after finishing with charlie. it would also make it easier to make space bases and generaly have fun in space

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check yogstation
they already have a spacepods