Space Hotel Revamp

I’m working on re-designing the space hotel and making it more of a regular occurance, here’s some of the ideas I had.

  • Station trait / station goal where the crew might have to visit the hotel (CentCom vacation, diplomatic meeting, something of the sort)
  • A station dance event that takes place at the hotel, so you finally have a reason to get formal wear
  • The hotel could sometimes be haunted, with flickery lights, revanants, etc.
  • weeping angel (stone statue) hotel?
  • The hotel could sometimes spawn midround antagonists of some type on its z-level if there are enough visitors
  • Hotel gift shop with epic powergamer loot to attract powergamers (or just like, sometimes has explo tech lol) hotel gift shop with unique items (what kind of items? idk)
  • Hotel would have 30 rooms or so, designed to hold an entire station in case of an evacuation

Rooms in the hotel

  • staff area / break room
  • kitchen backroom
  • pool
  • locker rooms
  • main restrooms (include gender neutral!!)
  • Rooms (single/double)
  • executive suite rooms
  • lounge area overlooking reception
  • additional shuttle docks
  • solars
  • power/maintenance room
  • atmos room
  • security room
  • janitorial room
  • laundry room
  • gym
  • arcade?
  • gift shop?

Here’s some screenshots. (Yes, it’s multiz)

Some early planning drafts, I’ve since changed some of the layout

This is the old hotel, if you’ve never seen it:


I saw it for the first time yesterday! Would’ve been cool to do something with it. However, making it bigger won’t make it more attractive. Charlie station is more attractive as it still has work rooms.

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Don’t forget a medical area in case customers get too drunk or injured! Also I’m wondering if maybe it’s too big? Too big results in people not being able to find eachother.

Yeah i’m fearing the same…The hotel staff is quite small on the default(and you told me the upgraded staff version which is similar) it wouldn’t be cool if this leads to areas not being used at all or just some funny antags moving their shenanigans in there… depends really! Unless the crew moves together and explore together and then just go on their own but if there’s no staff they would most likely just tide in

Maybe there needs to be some basic staff members before crew get the announcement that the hotel is open, they would need a flavor text to reflect their duties, definetly a Hotel Manager that would answer to the Captain and can lead the employees

Another banger thread from meowdev!

Though a lot of these things can, and indeed have, been done in the bar. What makes this area unique? What makes it attractive to all types of players (RP enjoyers, mechanics enjoyers, autism project enjoyers, etc)?

Looks really cool so far!

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Murder mystery Cluedo events at the hotel would be neat . Can get detective to go full Poirot.


The main problem of what you’re suggesting is that it’s going to encounter the exact same problem as the old hotel, which was that nobody ever went there because nothing was happening at all and it’s only interesting if there’s an admin event ongoing or something.
Won’t matter if it’s smaller and whatnot, if there’s difficulty of access and nothing pushing players to join, not many people will be willing to abandon their post/job to go visit an hotel.

SS13 NPCs when? Implement a Fallout kind of quest. lol