Sovereignslayer2 banned by kerbinfiber

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Made a disposals route that shoots people into a shocked grill as a non-anagonist, killed many, many people. Appeal on the forums.
Appeal Reason:
I didn’t create the disposals route, that was someone else, and I only threw one-two people in.
Additional Information:
I was throwing people in because I was under the assumption it lead to an empty room where you could easily escape, not a room that killed people.

My overall thoughts on this ban is;

  • You have 13 hours on the server.
  • You also got banned for throwing someone in the SM as a non antagonist before this current ban.

Going to see what the banning admin has to say before making a judgement.

It just seems suspicious to me as why you would use your PDA, since you were a clown, to purposefully slip people, aggro grab then, and then throw them into a “random” disposals chute.

Although I guess if you’re a clown, that’s what you do.

I wasn’t a clown, I was curator. I found the clown’s PDA on the floor.

I’ll unban you for this, but make sure to jump in the chute fist to see where it goes.