SoulsRuined Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Aramix

Your Discord: aramix

Offender’s CKEY: SoulsRuined

Offender’s In-Game Name: Damien Jenkins

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-29

Round Number:45115

Rules Broken: 1.3 Follow SOP, 7 Be Excellent to Each Other and possibly 2.3 No Validhunting

Incident Description: reported scientist comes to medbay during an attack of the morph that used flashbangs and teargas grenades, attempts to intervene using a temporal (timestopping) artifact and gets glomped, dropping the artifact, which the morph later eats (it has seen maybe one or two uses from either side but not extensive abuse of it)
what I feel really crossed the line is OOC salt directed towards medical team for intervening to save him and not the artifact

he does also not appear to understand that Science SOP applies to the actual scientists, as shown from this exchange

Additional Information: from a security officer (Scott Orion), who has queried me about xenoarchaeology (artifacts) SOP, I understand that Damien had a bag full of artifacts that he threw around and showed to various crew; can’t call this exactly out of SOP, as no harm was done to my knowledge, up until the point he lost an EMP artifact (which I see no reason for leaving the lab) to an assistant I was told OOC was “radio silent”


Scott here, I’d like to add that in this shift, just like all the other shifts he plays sci, he was again spawning bears and screaming for help before spawning more over and over again.

I wont pretend I understand xenoarchaeology but surely after four shifts of spawning bears over and over you would figure out how to not spawn bloodthirsty bears.

Not really a rule break I think, but just adding to this so you can grasp how he plays (its pretty LRP).


I wont pretend I understand xenoarchaeology but surely after four shifts of spawning bears over and over you would figure out how to not spawn bloodthirsty bears.

once an artifact starts doing that, there’s no way to prevent bears from spawning with each activation
even benign artifacts develop permanent malfunctions eventually, and there’s usually no hint to it until you see the effect (PBR - bear malfunction here, has no hint, unlike radioactive for example)

common sense to be developed here is that you should sell malfunctioning artifacts as soon as possible, even if not yet completely tagged, because danger to your and cew’s health offsets the little credit loss


i did that but some artifacts come with timed marterial which keeps using its power or magic spell whatever you call it and sometimes has the bear spawn for example that happend today when i played one of the rounds and i couldnt stop it by my self cause ill get malled to death, other times i rather not sell it until i get all the notes to sell it and get research points and dicovery points

hello! hope you have lovely life but um about the artifact time i screamed at medical in IC to tell them to get it more than 4 times and morph ate it, in ooc after round ended i was angry cause morph ate it and medical sitted there when he ate it, the emp part, i emped my self, radio gone, and the artifact room was well fucked due to the emp, the assistant i dont really remmeber if he was the guy next to me when the emp happened in the artifact lab

I remember at least one person accidentally activating it (edit: the temporal artifact in medbay) after trying to pick it up without anti-tactile pinchers

not much different from old artifacts, dragging is still a safer option, but which medbay had no way of knowing as artifacts usually sit in the lab dedicated for them

Welp what happened did happen before so I don’t care though i knew morph can eat it I DID NOT know he can use its powers, after it used it’s powers at me I was buffled

Right. Before I do any log dive, let me get it out of the way. SOP is IC for all roles but command/sec.
It’s up to sec’ and the RD to use their batongs to make the egggheads behave.

Log dive done, being called morons isn’t nice but…it’s just that, and I feel it’s still within “acceptable” paramaters.

SOP break is IC, being called morons is part of the SS13 experienced. Report processed, no actions taken.

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