Something something Starbound thread

This is now a general thread?

Ung glob you have very nice hair :flushed:

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No place is safe from Ung Glob it seems. He gives me golden tide PTSD

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MF I caught his ass cuffed but DA CAT GIRL TIDE saved his ass.
i was boutta sac him and get revenge for forcing me to PRAY HARD because BREAD

next time pray harder or i am taking your corpus cavernosum as well

trust me i prayed hard, but i will pray harder because you have an afro.


Yorii is too slow, this is now a starbound thread.

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Demdisco brings up a point. We dont have an “Other Games” general discussion section.

Like basically every other well made SS13 forum does.


starbound is based, way better than shit-eria’s pedo nonsense

Starbound has countless issues, but the two games are too different to compare tbh.
I have more hours on Terraria than starbound, many more.

Don’t starve is an extremely niche game marketed towards everyone for some reason. It’s player retention is exceptionally low, it rakes everyone in with the fun early days and cutesy graphics, then pushes everyone away with stupid mechanics.

Fuck Don’t starve.

Never played Starbound sadly. Would like to. And mod it all to hell like i do every game i can. (My current Minecraft modpack is 85 mods. Highest Dwarf Fortress modpack is 7 massive mods including Masterwork and its addons.)

I want to try getting into dwarf fortress, but ascii characters for graphics is an absolute no go for me. I heard of texture packs but I had some issues getting it set up, not a good reader tbh.

Minecraft, as long as the mods are well stitched together and not an absolute broken mess of
“okay so this generates lava and that makes mana from lava, I am literally god now XD”

Boi my heart is fucking aching.

It so much fun with friends and mods that add stuff from standalone expansions. WHY YOU GOTTA DO MY BOY SO DIRTY.


Use Lazy Newb Pack. Use Ironhand pack. Dont play modded your first time. Boy do i have stories for DF that top anything i have done on SS13.

I play TerraFirmaCraft lite basically.

Um, good sir, you appear to have committed something called a “peanut post” in our Starbound thread. Can someone from the administration take care of it ?


Admeme rename thread to Starbound and shit on shitty games thread.

I tried hard to love that game, man! But after a while, the problem of death erasing so much progress becomes too big and the grind to build a nice shelter is just NUTS!

I played Minecraft over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.
I can talk about it for days on end.
I did not play RL craft or all the mods because my PC can’t handle it :>

My favorite play throughs were:

  1. Old tekkit packs
  2. Singular mods, e.g: just botania or just thaumcraft
  3. The skyfactory play throughs.

Tomorrow I’mma give DF another try, topping SS13 story will be hard tho, especially when you start telling some guy that never heard of it about how da clown slipped security and got executed for just that.

Don’t starve hours

I can give tips if you like. Or just go read the Bay12 forums. Coincidentally the folks over at Baystation are people who are also on the Bay12 forums. So yeah.

Also, i have a good story. Short one too. So, one time i was playing Masterwork DF. Now Masterwork lets you play as other races other than dwarves ok? So i was playing Orcs. Turns out, one of them was a vampire. Now vampires: Dont need to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, be able to walk, exist within the laws of physics, heal, or have mood. So while i was failing with my orc fortress because i ran into an aquafier this lone vampire dug out a palace i told him to. Then the goblins came and murdered all the orcs above him. So i had him seal himself off. I cheated and used Dev commands to make this vampire orc legendary at everything. Apparently i trapped him down there with two Llamas, an orc child, and an dog. So i set about playing with mechanics, learning how complex rails are. And he spent 5 years there, building a palace for himself and he only ate the one Llama. The orc boy grew up and slew the dog sadly because he needed to eat. And he died of starvation. While my vampire who had grown attached to him, drank the blood of his corpse.


:pensive: bro just make a life giving amulet bro…

Doesn’t top an SS13 story, no ;3
Saying the word “clown” when story telling just makes it too good.

On DST we just enabled gate respawning, but the others lost interest after a while. I don’t blame em tbh, building a comfy little base and making it self sustaining is my favorite, DST realllly doesn’t want that to be a cake walk tho, just not my type (nor is it most people’s type)