Someone should make a guide on TEG, turbine, and advanced SM’s

Like some engi nerd or mentor man out there

Turbine is easy, and honestly no one should ever put too much effort into turbine since it wont really ultimately do more than its hard cap.

TEG setup is commonly done wrong, but only because of something that isnt always immediately obvious (the mirrored sides needing different air flow directions). The only advanced thing with that is which gasses work best for heating and cooling, but thats general atmos knowledge, not TEG specific knowledge.

There are already various advanced SM setup guides that I am aware of, including CO2 setups.

These all require minor knowledge with atmos to accomplish. An atmos guide would be more effective than a general guide on these topics.

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I made co2 setup guide, check it out.

Just remove that shit or remove easy unlimited power from TEG

Just hook up a freezer at one side, and heater at the other. Upgrade parts and we may get rid of this shitty engine.

teg is just a stupid machine, it makes energy by exchanging heat from a hot gas to a cold one and spinning a turbine, and SM’s ? I personally think fastatmos broke them, SM’s dellams extremly quick nowadays in situations they normally wouldn’t.

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SM delams because people don’t know it, it doesn’t delam faster.

It does i swear, my CO2 setups used to run for hours on end, and now they instatly delam in mrp bro. the problem can’t be me it must be fastatmos…

Nah, check the code for SM. It’s just people fucking vent the room first and then set up the loop. Fuck knows where do they get these ideas from

there are a lot of new engineers and CEs who dont know anything about the SM or how it functions. Its been a real issue lately.

Just ask Tian to teach you bro

I think TEG would be fine if it’s power curve behaved more like a squared function with a really low multiplier (like f(x)=0.001x² or something like that), that make it so low heat delta setup like t1heater+t1freezer would be useless, while medium one (like a burn chamber) would have a regular power output, and pouring fusion would push the output right at the unsigned integer limit, because what robust engineer dislike absurd power generation ?